Friday, February 26, 2010

100 things that rock about the world

1. Tofu. You call it hippie food, I call it awesome.


(picture and directions for knitting ova heah.)

2. Snow leopards. Cute, gorgeous, deadly.

3. Martial arts.

4. Sushi.
5. Cute jewelry that looks like sushi.
(BUY THESE (and other cute things) HERE!! Independently owned and stuff :) )

6. Oh yeah, and kittens.
(Are you friend or l'orange?)
(Who doesn't love a cat who looks pissed and ridiculously cute at the same time?)

7. Family and friends.

(Me and my wuv, Dillon, at the University of Wyoming Geology Museum)

8. Bonobos. Proving that hugs, social grooming, and great sex solve all the world's problems since 1928.
(Post-boom cuddling? Thank you sir; you may have another.)

9. Buddhist monks. There really is nothing wrong with peace, love and understanding.
(Photo taken by Ben Visbeek in Laos)

10. Fingerpainting.

11. Grilled cheese sandwiches.
(Stop chewing on your monitor. Right now.)

12. Spongebob Squarepants.


(My Spongebobs (feat. my awesome plush Torah scroll in the back))

13. The fact that plush Torah scrolls exist.

14. Water. It's pretty, it covers most of the planet, and, well hey, I'm sure most of us appreciate being alive so...yeah water!
(From ooooooohhhh....)
(To aaaaaaahhh....)

15. Vegetables. (Canned spinach and okra are not vegetables. They are LIES.)

16. Libby, MT's annual NordicFest! Seriously. Rocks.

17. Salarians (Mass Effect). They're adorable. And they sing Glibert and Sullivan.

(Okay, okay, THIS one does, anyway...)


18. Happy jpop songs! A few of my favorites are below:

(Kimura Yuki: LOVE & JOY)

(Takashi Fuiji: Oh My Juliet!)

(Matsuura Aya: Ne-e?)

(C-ute: EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!)

19. Not-quite-as-happy jmusics. Seriously, for music "foodies" everywhere, this should sate your snobbery! Japan isn't all pink kawaii pigtails, after all.

(Plastic Tree - Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze)

(D'espairsRay - DAMNED)

(GACKT - Fragrance. One of my favorite songs of all time. I guarantee most of you have heard of him--he's incredibly famous, and very possibly the most beautiful creature on this planet, both inside in out. "BUT HE HAZ 10,0000000000000 FANGURLZ! HE HAZ 2 SUCK!!" Oh no, not at all. In addition to being an amazingly talented composer, he plays at least seven instruments, and that voice--it's 100% real.)

20. Granola. Nummy, and good for you!

21. The Taiga. Produces far more oxygen than all the rainforests, cleans the atmosphere, and is home to wolverines. Circles the entire globe in the north.

(If this green belt wasn't here, we wouldn't be either.)

22. The Olympic Games. Once every two years, people stop bickering for two weeks and just enjoy friendly competition. Then we go back to being crapheads again. Isn't it time to learn something from this?
23. Noodles. OMG...noodles...Let's review our world noodle love:

(Bow-tie pasta...with veggie flare) (Manicotti...giant noodle of smex)

(Pad Thai: made with sweet rice noodles)

(Ramen: the right way. AND WITH PANDAS!)

(Soba: Japanese buckwheat noodles)
(Udon chewy and awesome)

(Oh but of course!'re slobbering on your keyboard.)

24. Microbrews. We all know that American beer is moose piss...except for microbrews. Hooray for not crapping in the barrels prior to aging.

25. The Dead Sea. It's way too cool and floaty to resist. Just don't stay in for longer than 10 minutes...or tender regions will start to pucker.
(Taken from the top of Masada, May 2009)

26. Jerusalem. Whether or not you're religious/spiritual in any way, this place will move you.

(Ha-Kotel HaMa'aravi (The Western Wall) and the Dome of the Rock, evening before Shavuot, 2009)

27. South Park.

28. Bees! I'm sure they're big fans of honey, living plants and oxygen too, so we get along great.

29. Ladybugs and spiders. Keeping the food you eat fresh and the flies out of your hair since...well...since before we were around to worry about our hair!

(Aphids beware, bitches!)

(Let's face it: Spiders are terrifying, and Google image search results for "spider" without the qualifier "cute" in front of it are also terrifying.)

30. Australia's proximity (or lack thereof) to the rest of the world. Keep the vegemite, abnormally large bugs, arachnids and earthworms, invisible jellyfish and rabid rugby players out of my well, ok, I'll take the rugby players but STILL!

31. Languages that aren't English. Sure, English has more creative slang words than any other language (woot), but anymore, it's more of a utility than a means of true communication.

32. A sense of humor.

33. Music.

34. Sunlight.

35. The first three Star Wars movies. When George Lucas wasn't a douche, and before Hayden Christensen was an itch in his daddy's pants (ok well, at least the first one).
(Just in case you forgot...)

36. Women's sports. Seriously, watch them. They're so much more fun to watch than men's.
(Not a sport.)

37. Laughing.

38. Webcomics.

39. Green tea. Antioxidants, metabolism boosters, relaxation and yumminess all in one.
(OK kids, say "om!")

40. Kids' shows like Ni Hao, Kai-Lan and Dora the Explorer. Not quite Muzzy, but learning words in new languages is exciting, no matter how old you are.

41. Travel.

42. Hiking.
(What a great excuse to get your butt off the couch!)

43. All things girly, frilly and tailored. Particularly those things of the dress variety.

44. Febreeze. For people without washers--and out of fresh gym clothes.

45. Alan Moore's Watchmen. A classic, especially for those of us who are tired of black-and-white struggles for the "greater good."

46. Sour Patch Kids.

47. Well-done, thought out tattoos. But of course the bad ones are pretty fun to laugh about...and are great for reassuring your grandparents that you didn't turn out that bad after all.

48. Meditation.

49. Keeping perspective on all things.

50. Douglas Adams. Single-handedly responsible for the best books ever.

51. LOLcats.

52. Natalie Portman's shaved head.
(Remember, nom nom)

Oh, and the band's not bad either.

53. Dan Savage. The only realistic sex/love advice columnist in the history of the universe. (NSFW)

54. Dinosaurs! Earth's original BMFs.

(Chomp lizards rule!)

55. Morgan Freeman's voice, and the fact that it single-handedly made penguins the most awesome animals ever.

56. Giant redwood trees.(You only WISH one of you was the largest organism on the planet!)

57. Space!
("Enormously bigly huge."--Bill Nye the Science Guy)

58. Having internet with which to impose my awesome list on the internet-having public.

59. Rainbows. Pretty photon phenomena.

60. Considerably more offensive versions of rainbows.

61. Having a roof over one's head.

62. Not playing MMORPGs.

63. Being able to give hugs to friends with whom you completely disagree politically.

64. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince. Teaching us that we are responsible for those with whom we create ties.
(A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.)

65. Hair sticks. Bonus points for feathers.
(Because we can all use a little gaudy flapper glam in our lives)

66. The movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. The reason that, to this day, I can't picture Wesley Snipes as a manly man. And that's fine with me :P
(All can be....a drag PRINCESS.)

67. Drag queens and kings in general.
(The Kinsey Sicks. Go see them the next time you get a chance!)

68. Dancing around naked in your living room.

69. SEX! (mehehehe)

70. FOCUS flims. From Lost in Translation to Pirate Radio...pretty much everything they make is nummy brain candy for the soul.

71. Angelina Jolie. All right, truth be told, I have a pretty huge girl-crush on her, but that aside, she's a wonderful person, and one of the few truly giving souls left in the world. Being a Gemini also gives her some bonus points :)

72. Gardening. Good for all parts of you, inside, outside and all-around side.

73. Bread with so many grains in it that some people don't realize it's bread. (No seriously, this happened to me in 4th grade.)

74. Bird-watching.

75. Feeding squirrels.

76. NPR.

77. A Prairie Home Companion, with Garrison Keillor and the rest of the gang from Lake Woebegon.
(Admit it--you think he's sexy...)

78. PostSecret.

79. Watching the seasons of the year turn.

80. Not getting bitten by mosquitoes.

81. The Brown-Eyed Girls.

(You are now addicted to Korean dance music.)

82. Birthdays, birthday cake, and birthday booze.

83. Stuffed animals you've had since you were in kindergarten.

84. Crappy pictures you took on disposable cameras in high school.

85. Reading journal entries from your teen years, being horrified, and realizing how much you've grown.

86. Saying random things for no reason.

87. Renaissance fairs.

88. Leonardo DaVinci's crazy inventions. They're practically their own "-ology" now...

89. Getting real letters in a real MAILBOX!

90. Losing the game. And now I shall run from the angry mob.

(My fish babies!)

92. House plants.

93. Notepads with very specific purposes.

94. Caves. Let's hope humans can keep our grubby little paws off them for a little while longer...
(Don't get lost. Seriously.)

95. Sleep.

96. Celtic music. Yes, that includes bagpipes. And Riverdance. If you think I'm joking, you obviously haven't seen Riverdance.

97. Classical music.

98. Soy and its many incarnations.

99. Sunrises and sunsets.

100. Love.

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