Saturday, May 22, 2010

The 10 sexiest songs ever

...well, in my strange, enchanted mind, anyway. Lately I've been attracted to music that sounds sensual and intimate, so I decided to go ahead and pick my favorites.

Sexy to me isn't what gets you going, it is what helps you feel the peace necessary to get there, the fire of passion (both sides of that coin), and everything in between.

So, without further ado...

#10 "Clone Your Lover"--Zeromancer

Aaaaand outta left field....yeah, so much for that peaceful vibe, right? My reaction upon first hearing this song came in the form of a sexy hair flip to my office wall (You gotta work with what you have, right?) and a coy yet dangerous looking lip bite. This bunch of crazy Norwegians has a knack for making addictive music, and this song is no exception. The beat is primal and raw, and there is something about the lyrics that makes you just wanna rip your clothes off. Well, at least I do. But I find sexiness in a lot of strange places (by many people's estimation).

Also check out: "Gone to Your Head"

#9 "Fever Dream"--Iron and Wine

Few musicians can produce lyrics that tell stories as well as Samuel Beam, the man behind Iron and Wine. I'd actually considered several of his other songs for this list, but this one came out on top. The sensuality lies in its simplicity, from its beautiful language to its minimal yet dynamic acoustic setting. It is yearning expressed in its purest, least anxious form.

Also check out: "Faded From the Winter," "Carousel"

#8 "Come Here Boy"--Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap is a musical phenomenon. She is one of the few musicians to whom I cannot put a genre, and I believe that is the best part about her work. Like most of the sexy songs on this list, the instrumentals flow easily; without interruption. However, I think what makes this song sexy is her vocals. Immi has a unique style--and a range most people can only dream of. Example: somewhere in the middle of this song, she jumps from middle C to a D an octave above that without getting so much as a cent off pitch. Immi's vocal versatility gives this song just the right depth and vibes to send it off the sexy charts.

Also check out: "Hide and Seek," "Have You Got It In You?"

#7 "Freeeze!!"--Aural Vampire

Watch the video for this song and you will know what I'm talking about. This Japanese darkwave duo is composed of Raverman, who never takes off his mask (I think it's hot for some reason--but I also thought V was immensely sexy), and Exo-Chika (ohhhhhhmygod Exo-Chika), who boasts hair down to her knees (I'm so jealous), and probably one of the only tongue piercings in the history of ever that looks sexy. There are two versions of the song, but I think the one with the pared down instrumental track (in the video) sounds the sexiest. It has a great beat, sexy lyrics and, well, Exo-Chika. Need I say more?

Also check out: "Darkwave Surfer"

#6 "Breña"--A Perfect Circle

This is another one that may seem a bit incongruous, but if you give it a chance, you'll understand why I included this song in this list. Now, first off, I don't normally find Maynard's vocals particularly sexy (as much as I dig the man). He's got a bent toward brooding and contemplative, both of which are wonderful things, but they're not so big on the sexy. This song is a little different. The lyrics, while being part brooding, are great for Maynard's voice, but they are also very spiritual and intimate. "Breña" is of Spanish origin, and it usually is meant to mean "the wet earth between the ground sprouting flowers." Much of the song speaks of vulnerability and healing, and there is a lot of sensual beauty in those thoughts.

Also check out: "Blue," "Magdalena," "Orestes"

#5 "Love To Sleep"--She Wants Revenge

It makes me so mad that this song ultimately ended up a B-side, because it is incredible and everyone should hear it. Now, it should go without saying by this point that Justin Warfield has THE sexiest voice ON THE PLANET (so I'm a sucker for deep voices, sue me), and that oh-so-yummy timid vibrato to match. Love it love it love it. Forbidden love is not just the topic, it is the "mode d'guerre" of this song, and it will send chills down the best possible way. It was made to do just that. The painful undercurrent of the lyrics aside, this is made quite possibly one of the sexiest songs of all time because of the deep instrumentals and minimal beat.

Also check out: "These Things," "Sugar"

#4 "Serene Dream"--Kidneythieves

This group's most well known track (mentioned below) appeared on the amazing soundtrack for the horrible film Queen of The Damned, and it was there that I fell in love with Free Dominguez' gorgeous breathy voice. It has an inescapable come-hither quality that makes the orchestral-ish instrumental in this song far more sexy than it would otherwise be on its own. And normally I don't like blue notes, but she executes them perfectly and sexily.

Also check out: "Arsenal," "Before I'm Dead"

#3 "Unforgettable"--Nat King Cole

Is it just me, or did the opening fight scene in Watchmen take the sexy factor on this already sexy song over 9000?! Well, that aside, this is one classic song that set the bar on sexiness. Maybe it's the 2-beat rhythm, maybe it's the brushed percussion, maybe it's the light xylophone in the background, maybe it's just Cole's amazingly sensual voice. Who knows. The best part about this sexy song is that you can't separate one part from another--it's all one, and it's all perfect.

Also check out: Everything. Come on, this man's a legend.

#2 "6 Underground"--Sneaker Pimps

You may know this song from the movie The Saint (you know, when Val Kilmer had a career?). It has appeared in a number of things since, but who cares? The song is far better, and far sexier, than anything it has been associated with. I'd rather not go on and on about it--just listen, already.

Also check out: "Lolita," "M'aidez"

#1 "Dissolved Girl"--Massive Attack

Is it just me, or are British electronic groups really amazing at putting out incredibly sexy material? This song is basically a late night of passion in sound wave form. The bass is reminiscent of the heartbeat, and you can hear fevered breaths in the high notes. This song is primal from the first note. Most definitely something--the best thing--to pull hair and leave fingernail marks to.

Also check out: "Teardrop," "Inertia Creeps," "Rush Minute"

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