Tuesday, August 24, 2010

J-pop anonymous: Sweet Vacation

I love bumming around YouTube when I don't have anything pressing to do. Most of the time I'm on YouTube, I'm checking out the latest in Japanese music and Hello! Project shenanigans, and, boy let me tell you, there's some really great stuff out there!

One of my newest discoveries is electropop duo Sweet Vacation. Not only do they make neat music, but this duo happens to be made up of a couple of really smart people. Hayakawa Daichi, the sound producer, vocoder and occasional backing vocalist, is a graduate student at the very prestigious Tokyo University, and Thai singer May was recently accepted on full scholarship to Waseda University's International School of Liberal Studies.

Sweet Vacation's music is breezy and relaxing, and great to drive to. Here's one of their latest singles, "あいにいこう~I・NEED・TO・GO~"

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