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Hello! Project funness and philosophistry: one year later!

So, now that I'm mostly out of my H!P noobishness, I decided to revisit a post I did last year just to see how things have changed.

So let's get to it!

1. Hobbies that you think are interesting that someone from H!P has:
Ai-chan and Risako's epic video game nerdery, Airi's paintings and Maimi's love of sports.

2. Special skills that you think are actually special:
Ai-chan's ability to hit that high c-sharp in "Everyday, Everywhere." JESUS FREAKING BALLS!

(Seriously, guys. Check this shiz. Ai-chan needs to get a contract of her own outside of H!P so her awesomeness will be even more widely appreciated.)

3. Name 2 members that you DON'T like (or your least favorite). Why are they last?
The only member that I do not like is STILL Niigaki Risa. She was cute, adorable and quite smart when she was younger, but she's turned into a major beeyatch. I will admit, I have grown to like her more than I did last year, but I'm going to have to work at actually LIKING her. I dunno, maybe it's a cultural thing and I just don't get her (ENTIRELY possible), but still.

As for Sayumi, she's now one of my favorite members of Morning Musume, against all odds :P

One other member who is amazingly popular, and whom I still have not really gotten into, is Fukuda Kanon. She's a cutie, and she's got buttloads of talent, but she hasn't really gotten to me the way the other S/mileys have.

4. Now, say 3 good things about each of those members:
Risa is beautiful, a talented singer, and has a great smile.

5. Nickname(s) that you really like:
Ayaya, Ume-chan, Johnson (hahahahaaaaa)

6. H!P habits you seem to have developed:
Learning all the choreography I can (I've been slacking off lately, though), spending WAY too much money on merch, and flashing peace signs all the time.

7. Favorite singles cover looks:
Ok, I'm going to pick ones that I DIDN'T pick last year!
C-ute: Dance de Bakoon!
Berryz K.: Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
MM: Seishun Collection (oh, bite me!)
Buono!: Our Songs

8. Favourite Member(s):
Current: All the C-uties and Buono girls, Ogawa Saki, Linlin (DAMMIT), Kamei Eri (DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT), Sudo Maasa, Shimizu Saki.
Past: Nono, Aibon, Yossy, Iida Kaori, Umeda Erika, Yaguchi Mari, Arihara Kanna.

9. Something you're afraid of happening to H!P:
9th generation MM sucking, no more Eggs getting major debuts :(

10. Favourite H!M/HM@/Radio/TV thing- episode:
There was this one show (hell if I can remember the name) where Yossy and Mikitty each led teams and they were supposed to test out their acting chops in situations where something happened that they didn't expect (e.g. a PILE of wasabi in their sushi while their "boyfriend" was proposing). Oh, hilarity!

Junjun's YS! week was also awesome.

11. Favourite photobook(s):
Maasa's, Airi's newest one, and Nakki's. AND SOON TO BE CHISATO'S!!!!

12. Favourite phrase a member says:
Gotta go with Sexy Beam :P A classic :D

13. You have 1.27 seconds to name any random H!P song GO!:
W: Robokiss

14. Favourite season of the concerts:
So far, everything from 2008 has impressed me.

15. Favorite food you've seen them eat (that maybe you want to try too):
Takaoyaki (still) and yakiniku. Man, why do I have to live in a landlocked state with no culture whatsoever?! ( ̄へ ̄)

16. Most disliked (or weird) food you watched them eat:
That cow diaphragm that the chef guy cooked during Momo's YS! week was....questionable.

17. If there was a H!P song you HAD to listen to every morning from now on, what would it be?:
W: Aa Ii Na! or Buono!: Ura Hara

18. Last H!P song you listened to?:

19. How you think they spend their days off:
Going to school :P

21. What you want to buy the most right now:
Photobooks. I am sorely lacking in that department.

22. Favorite clothes/costume of theirs:
I really liked Buono!'s costumes in the second part of their summer concert this year.

23. Your greatest H!P treasure:
Uh...crap it's hard to pick. I'm extremely protective of my photo collection and my Airi mirror.

24. What you would do if you had a chance to spend 1 day with a H!P member and who would it be:
Momoko Tsugunaga. We'd eat good food and talk about the future, and she'd teach me some bitchin' dance moves...and it might be weird because I'm literally a foot taller than she is O_O

25. The best overall looking girl in H!P, GO!
I like them all :) Not changing this answer.

26. Which H!P song relieves your stress:
Anything by Buono!, W or S/mileage.

27. A moving H!P scene:
The Elder Club graduation last year when everyone sang "All For One." I got teary.

28. Actually, I...:
Like munching on crunchy things I DON'T KNOW!!!!?!? :D

30. What would you want to scream to the members if you knew no one could hear you:
Thank you for your music!

31. The thing that's made you most happy (being a Hello Project fan):
The music and fun personalities of the girls.

32. The thing that's made you most sad (being a Hello Project fan):
Watching the graduations and learning about what happened to Kago Ai and Iida Kaori.

33. What do you want H!P to do in the future?
Make better music for Morning Musume and GIVE CAPTAIN A DAMN PHOTOBOOK!!!

34. Most respected member(s):
Yossy and Kaorin. Yossy because she's a badass, and Kaori because of her incredible inner strength. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child and come back and perform on stage 4 months later.

35. Somewhere you'd like the next H!P member to travel to for a PB
Africa! Go on safari. Or Alaska--just because it would be funny :P

36. Favorite song:
C-ute: EVERYDAY Zekkouchou (still)
All of Buono!'s stuff
Berryz K.: Anata Nashide wa Ikite Yukenai
S/mileage: Smile Bijin
DEF. DIVA: Sukisugite Baka Mitai
W: Shiroi Iro wa Koibito No Iro
MM: Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~
MM Otomegumi: Ai no Sono ~touch My Heart!~

I'm totally indecisive. Also, can you tell I've totally been digging into the earlier stuff?!

39. The most memorable concert:
Elder Club graduation, Erika's graduation.

40. What you'd be doing if you weren't a fan:
Having no happy music to keep me going. That would make me a sad panda indeed.

41. The most fun part of being a fan:

42. The hardest part of being a fan:
I neeeeeed moar monayz! I hate being a poor almost-grad student with a humanities degree and a half sometimes.

44. Do you think you will still be a fan 5 years from now?
I hope so!

45. A member you miss:
All my old favorite members.

46. Do you actually understand all of the lyrics to the songs?
I'm understanding more and more of them every day :P

47. Do you actually know another fan in person?
HA no.

48. A message for Tsunku:
The pandas will haunt you.

49. A message for your favorite member(s):
I support you, and someday I'll come to Japan and see you in concert! And maybe I'll be able to say hello!

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