Sunday, October 10, 2010

J/K-music Confessions (Totally ripping off Jin's idea here)

Jin over at Sora to Kujira did this fantastic thing a few weeks back, and because I thought my comment was getting too damn long, I decided to post the unabridged version of my confessions over here at my 2-bit blog :P

Confessions of a H!P junkie and closet-ish k-pop lover.

  1. Airi-bashing internet trolls need to STFU. Like, now-ish. She has ZERO creative control in H!P, and, well, she's damn talented and she deserves everything she gets. Deal with it.
  2. Niigaki Risa is a bitch.
  3. Kpop groups don't "make a comeback" every time they release new singles, PopSEOUL!. o_O
  4. I wish I'd become a H!P fan years earlier--the older Momosu was so much better.
  5. Linlin is one of the best singers H!P has ever seen. *sniffle* *fuckofftsunku*
  6. AKB48 is a snorefest, and Heavy Rotation wasn't a huge deal.
  7. Sweet Vacation needs more attention.
  8. I support Kago Ai 100%.
  9. Dawa is adorable, and her "racist" comment was poorly translated. (Though I do think Yuuka would be a better leader for S/mileage.)
  10. Oh yeah, and Ogawa Saki is also adorable.
  11. umm....ithinkmisonoisunderrated *dodges truckloads of rotten tomatoes*
  12. Miss A is the only good new group to come out in the Kpop world this year.
  13. Yeah, Orange Caramel totally did rip off C-ute's "Hare no Platinum Toori."
  14. SNSD super-fans and super anti-fans need to get dropped on a deserted island and kill each other off. For science, sanity, and fun times.
  15. Takahashi Ai needs to move on with her career. It's time, hun. You're lovely, your voice is incredible, but for reals.
  16. I like Matsuura Aya's mature sound better--her rendition of "Heya to Y shirts to Watashi" was SUBLIME. WTB moar Aya, plz.
  17. I think Sayumi is misunderstood because of her public image. Though I still have to wonder about her...
  18. Chisato needs to be a lead singer in C-ute. BUT AT LEAST SHE'S GETTING A PHOTOBOOK YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!
  19. If Akari Saho doesn't have a major debut in SOMETHING, I'm going to go on a murderous rampage.
  20. I hope Momoko goes to university like she wants to. She's wicked smart, very perceptive, and a wonderful budding feminist. We should hang out, Momo!
  21. Big Bang annoys me. Not entirely sure why.
  22. I would go 100% gay for Ga-In.
  23. Tsunku gives me nightmares.
  24. American morons need to quit insulting Asian male pop groups as being "gay" or even "gay-looking" and the girls' groups as being "pedo-bait." It's immature, bigoted, and just plain STUPID.
  25. Gackt is incredible.
  26. Kangta got me more interested in Chinese music than any other artist ever has. And he's not even Chinese. *omnomnom*
  27. Nao Kodama needs your support! She not well known (at least as far as I know), but she is absolutely wonderful (YouTube her song "Maker.").
  28. Itunes needs to get f(x)'s digital singles up for sale :(
  29. I love Idoling!!! despite the fact that they are absolutely TERRIBLE live.
  30. I will always prefer j-pop to Korean music because of the fun, spiritual, honest and deeper content of most of the lyrics.
  31. It is very sad that Korean singers are expected to be perfect in every way. To be required to change yourself for people you will never know is tragic to say the very least.

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