Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Things: Gnu jokes!

So, my partner and I were sitting around being nerds last night...and we randomly started making up gnu jokes. No reason...we're just dorks. And gnus are cool animals...eh?

What do you call an annoying antelope?
A GNUisance!

What did the antelope eat at the Greek restaurant?
Baba GNUsh!

What did the antelopes do on their camping trip?
They went canGNUing!

What do you call an antelope who's bad at video games?
A GNUb!! (gaaaaaaah...)

How do you punish very bad antelope criminals?
With a GNUse!

When do antelope outlaws hold their shootouts?
At high GNUn!!

What do antelopes eat to cure colds?
Chicken GNUdle soup!!

What did the reporter on the Serengeti plain say to the cameraman?
No GNUS is good GNUS!!!!!

GAAAAHAHAHAAAAA...ok I'm so done :P

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Daskaea said...

Haha! That's awesome!