Saturday, November 13, 2010

C-ute: Aitai Lonely OMG CHISATO!!!!!

C-ute's new PV has been released as of yesterday...AND OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!!! C-ute being my favorite group in the world aside, there is nothing about this PV that isn't totally loveable.

I was actually really hoping they would do a ballad-type song for their next single, seeing as C-ute doesn't really have any ballad singles under their belt.

Anyway, is it just me, or is Chisato getting closer to being a lead singer every day? OH HELLS YEAH!

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CIA said...

It´s my 1st comment in your blog (and the 1st time i find this blog lol, i like it).

I agree, each Chisato´s line is a treasure for me (and her fans).

I think she can start to improve from now like the others´s her chance, despite she always had an awesome voice......she just needed the training and the lines