Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh, you stupid, stupid girls...

Yesterday, I woke up, put on my pot of coffee, and pulled up Google Reader to check up on the latest news at home and abroad. The first thing pulled up was Tokyohive, because I didn't want to pay attention to all the BS surrounding the election stateside.

And everything was going well...until I saw this:

Umm...yeah, I'll just post the Tokyohive article...

"The photo (seen above) depict both Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina [both from Morning Musume, for my buddies who read this shiz and don't know] with a Miley Cyrus-esque slanted eye pose, and the words written on their blog underneath the photo [also on Reina's blog] stated that they’re mimicking Koreans.

The girls have received a lot of heat from Japanese netizens, with comments such as: “This is not good,” “This is gonna cause problems,” and “Delete it soon.” The post has since been deleted from the blog, as they probably realized their mistake. " source: tokyohive


I was so disappointed when I saw this, but at least Sayumi didn't take part in this fuckery party....riiiiight?!?

FFFFUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!! (Took this pic from Shirow's blog, Wotaku Now!)

I was super bummed about this, and I was especially disappointed with Eri. Out of all the girls, she seems to be having the most fun with it, and that worries me. Eri and Sayumi are two of my favorite Momosu members, and they have both lost serious cool points, especially Eri. (Oh yeah, and whoever was behind the're on my naughty list too. Any theories, internets?)

I will admit, I don't know their intentions (I'm guessing it has something to do with the huge success the metric ASS TON of Korean groups in Japan are enjoying), so I'll lay off a lot of criticism. At least ,to their credit/salvation, when netizens (I really hate that word, I don't know why :P) both in Japan and abroad smacked the girls on the wrist and told them to knock it off, they did. For that, I've gotta give them props. Some people would have clung to their pride (like a lot of crazy stupid political bloggers here, for example).

However, as dumb as what the girls did was, what really pissed me off was Tokyohive's fucking *brilliant* response later in the article:

"It was an especially odd choice considering that most East Asians, including the Japanese, have similar eyes. "

Seriously? That's the best you can come up with? Because they look so almighty similar to stupid white people they can't be racist toward one another? Really? Tiffany Christ, you have got to use your brains before opening your mouths and doing something even more racist. Come on.

To be perfectly fair, Japan isn't exactly famous for its super-fab tolerance of other cultures, but that is changing A LOT these days. As it is everywhere.

I hope you girls will think twice, three times before you even entertain the possibility of doing this again. It's bigger than you, girls. You're better than this. I hope Gaki gives you a stern taking-to after this so you can learn from your mistake, grow up, and move on. I still LUV you guys to death, but you're so much better than this.

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Tanera Anderson said...

That's so offensive and disgusting to do any racist jokes and actions