Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 in review: Kpop songs that kick serious butt

I'm not as big of a Kmusic fan as I am of Japanese stuff. There are some groups I just can't get enough of, while there are others that just need to disappear.

2010 was an extremely annoying year for Kpop. It seemed like 5,000,000,454,000,642illion groups debuted, and hardly any of them were worth a damn. But there were a couple that stood out, and a couple that got even better. I don't have as much to say about these groups--maybe I'll make that one of my New Years' resolutions.

Here's my top 10 songs for 2010:

#10: Bbiribbom Bberibbom-Coed School

These newcomers rock my world right now. It's nice to see a mixed group, and a talented one at that. This song is very eccentric, but still awesome.

#9: Lupin--KARA

Oh man, I though these girls would never come back! How pleasantly surprised I was! KARA is one of the few Kpop groups who consistently puts out good stuff--even album tracks. (Yeah, the last album wasn't perfect, but it was still pretty good.) KARA kicked off the "sexy in black" shtick, and I still think they did it best.

#8: Lucifer--SHINee

Oh, dear SHINee, please keep releasing tracks like this and stop with the crappy ballads. PLEEEEEEEEEEZE OH PLEASE!! Great release from a great dance group.

#7: I My Me Mine--4minute

Mmm...fierce and addictive. And epic dance soloage.

#6: Thrill Love--f(x)

I didn't even find out about this digital single until months after it came out, but I'm glad I did. I hope f(x) does more this coming year (we miss you, Amber!!), because they are so fresh and fantastic. I can't say there's a thing they've done so far that I don't like. Definitely my favorite Kpop group, and I hope they can do well if they release something in Japan.

Anyhoo, have a listen. I wish I could find an actual MV for this.

#5: Hurricane Venus--BoA

It's impossible not to include BoA's first Korean release in 5 years in this countdown. The queen of Kpop is back, and holy cow, is she still awesome. (Love all those ear piercings, too!) I played this song so much I think my partner wanted to punch me :P

#4: Run Devil Run--Girls' Generation

This is by far my favorite release the Soshis have ever put out. The choreography is great, as usual, and the song is addictive. The song itself is actually a Ke$ha creation, but someone at S.M. saw SNSD in the song, and purchased the rights from Ke$ha. The results were awesome.

#3: Bbi Ri Bba Bba--Narsha

Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls gets all anti-nun and dark in this one...love it! This song really shows off Narsha's vocal ability, and the instrumental is very unique and unexpected. It always reminds me of Xenosaga now because I spammed this song while I was playing the first game for what must be the fifth time now.

#2: Breaka, Shaka--Kangta

*droool* maaaaaan cannnndddyyyy....hawt beats....maaaaaaaaannn caaaaaanddddyyy...

#1: Mr. Boogie--f(x)

Ok ok, I know this isn't a single, but...but...BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!! *rawr* This is the best track off their first album. It's impossible to get bored listening to it. Impossible. This song is proof that f(x) is one of the best things in the Kmusic world right now.


1 Bonamana-Super Junior
2 Breathe-Miss A
3 Oh!-Girls' Generation
4 HuH-4minute
5 Madonna-Secret
6 Clap your Hands-2NE1
7 Too Late-Coed School
8 Bang!-After School
9 Copy and Paste-BoA
10 Nu ABO-f(x)


Kpop Charts said...

Oh yeah, excellent selection !!

Daskaea said...

I think from your list, Narsha tops my charts, with BoA closely behind. Oh oh oh oh--HURRICANE....VENUS!!! Love it.
Of course, my all time favorite Korean singer(s) are Koyote and Loveholic. Have you heard of either of those? Koyote hasn't put anything out in eons though. :( Loveholic last did something in 2009. Maybe you'd fancy Chae Yeon too. Chae Yeon released an album in July. She's been on the scene since 2003.
And I loved that T-ara song I shared with you.
As for SHINEE, I gotta say this is the only song I like. Why do all male Korean groups or singers have to do crappy ballads? BLECH! I hate ballads.
However, I do love that Taeyang fellow. I don't need to watch music vids with the sound on though... Just need ABS. http://www.scarlet-clarity.net/2010/08/uber-hawt-menz-monday-27-taeyang.html

The Fly said...

I have heard of Koyote--I like what stuff of theirs I have seen, and it would be awesome to see a new release. :D

Thanks for the comments!!

Daskaea said...

Oh...and I just listened to the Kangta song....erm...that's in Chinese, not Korean. :P Of course, Kangta is a Korean singer so is it still K-Pop? Does it count? Dunno.