Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eri, Linlin and Junjun will be missed.

Oh, how sad the times are. Yesterday, the moment we've all been putting off finally happened. Eri and the pandas said goodbye to Morning Musume and Hello! Project :(

I know I'm going to miss them tons. I watched some of what has been posted already on YouTube, and I got teary, as I'm sure many people did. BAWWWW SADNESS!!!

But, all sadness aside, it was great to see them in the Yokohama Arena again--that and the stadium was PACKED to the gills--that was amazing to see. The opening number was SOUDA! We're Alive--and it was FREAKING EPIC! Witness the awesomeness below!

Morning Musume + pyrotechnics = awesome. From what I've seen of the concert so far, it was amazing--one of their best in a while :P

On Bijo Gaku today, some of their graduation messages were shown. Everyone was very emotional--it really shows how close they have all gotten. The crowd was great, and the girls all spoke very well. (I really like that I can understand more and more of what they're saying, too.) Oh, and watch for super-cute BFF moment at 4:27. Ai-chan is sobbing so much she can't sing, so she puts her microphone down, so Gaki puts and arm around her and shares hers. When those two (and Sayumi, of course) eventually graduate, I want to be there.

I hope Eri recovers well, and I hope Junjun and Linlin have long and successful careers in China. It's sad to see them go, but I know they have bright futures ahead.

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