Thursday, December 30, 2010

S/mileage wins "Best New Artist" award!!

*sniffle* oh happy days! My babies won the Japan Records award :D SQUEE!!

Following in C-ute's footsteps from three years ago, S/mileage follows up their kick-ass debut with the much-coveted Best New Artist award. They had some really tough competition from SNSD, so I'm super stoked that they won the award. The girls have had a great year--four singles, a fantastic (I do say so, thanx!) debut album, and all kinds of promotion through anime, Oha Girl, Bijou Gaku....the list goes on.

I'm so stoked for them. I hope they keep being awesome, because they are the future of Hello! Project. Like, for reals. Anyway, here's the announcement and their performance of "Yumemiru 15sai." Kanon's reaction is SO CUTE!! And it looks like Ayaka might just grow into this whole leader business after all :P

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