Sunday, January 2, 2011

9th generation Momusu finally revealed!

Ok, first of all, I would like to say...I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!!

What did I call, you ask? Well, sadly you will have no proof that I called it, because I only thought about blogging about it and then school got in the way. Silly, silly me. OK, there's another New Year's resolve for me--I'm totally going to get into this blogging thing more. Anyway...

I totally called Fukumura Mizuki being in 9th gen!!! How? (Now this is where my retroactive blogging comes in.) Remember the girl in the earlier part of the auditions that everyone really really liked?

Exhibit A:

Now, Exhibit B:

When you look past the photoshop in the second picture, these pictures look very similar, no? Now, granted, this is probably a conspiracy theory and I may totally just be blowing hot air out my ass, but seriously--they look alike (edit: except for the bangs...didn't see that before. I'ma chalk this one up to my psychic powers).

I'm glad to see that Tsunku ended up picking the best finalists from the audition, too. I kind of wanted to see all five girls get in (totally nostalgic about the 10+ -nin Momosu days, eh?), but I must admit, Erina, Kanon and Riho were my favorites.

Riho was by far the best dancer, Erina was the best singer, and Kanon has a whole bunch of drive and cuteness.

Let's get a happy group shot!

(l-r: Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho, Ikuta Erina.)

(A hilarious snapshot from Tsunku's blog.)

Plus, I think the fact that there's now a girl in MM named Suzuki Kanon is hilarious. Come on, now.

Congratulations to Kanon, Riho, Erina and Mizuki!!!

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