Friday, January 7, 2011

My new K-pop addiction: Introducing the Piggy Dolls!

This week, the K-pop world was rocked by the debut of these three lovely and talented plus-size ladies, Kim Min Sun (20), Lee Jiyeon (20), and Park Jieun (17), on Music Bank, and they call themselves the Piggy Dolls. I could go on and on about the name, but I'll just say that while I'm not super fond of it, I think it's hilariously honest of them at the same time. Affectionately called, "the super-heavy idols," these girls are proving they have what it takes to make it in music.

We all face problems with our weight, whether we're over, under, or in between, whether we're male or female, whether we're African, Asian, Caucasian...yadda yadda. There are so many social factors that play into our perceptions of "the perfect weight," and they are all different depending on what culture you come from, what kind of food you eat, and how douchebaggy (or not) your friends, family and significant others happen to be. So how the hell are we supposed to figure out our magic number when all these factors play a role?

We can't. So get over it. (I'm hardly the one to say that, but maybe if I say it more often, I'll believe it myself :P)

South Korean men and women are subjected to countless unrealistic ideals of beauty, and the fact that these girls are stepping up to the plate and opening up the discussion of what is beautiful is fantastic.

They are also doing one more important thing: showing our shallow world that you do NOT have to be majorly skinny to be incredibly talented. I'm looking forward to supporting their release, which you should all listen to below--these girls are just incredible. So now, I have only one thing to say:


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