Friday, February 4, 2011

No one expects the j-pop inquisition.

I've been slacking on this blog thing lately...but I think finding a new job and working on spring things for the student farm are fantastic excuses. Yes, yes, I am finally EMPLOYED!!! This means I can save up to move (though it will be sad to leave this awesome job) and feed my j-pop habit.

So I think I'll impose my take on some of the latest happenings.

Itano Tomomi

One of my goals this year was to get more familiar with AKB48, and it's been fun so far (even though to really "know" AKB, you really only have to know like 10 girls, but w/e). Tomochin was already one of my favorites, so I was super stoked when I heard about her solo single, "Dear J." (being friends with my all-time and forevar favorite C-utie, Erika, also gives her major bonus points.)

She's already sold somewhere around 180,000 copies, and it has only been out for about a week. That's pretty freaking awesome. The single is definitely worth it too--I'll be getting my copy in a couple weeks along with "Sakura ki ni Narou." I think the dance should have been more energetic, fuck it, it's Tomomi.

On a side note, I think I've decided on my favorite AKB members:
Tomochin (obviously)
Uchida Mayumi, because she is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!
Kashiwagi Yuki: she seems like a sweetheart.

Don't like Maeda Atsuko. She gives off a really snobby vibe.

C-ute: "Kiss me Aishiteru"

Never thought it would happen, but "EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!" has officially been dethroned as my favorite C-ute song. "Kiss me Aishiteru" rocks my world. I mean come on--you have H!P's best dancers shaking their bootays, Maimai looking FUCKING GORGEOUS and so amazingly grown-up, Airi rocking a mature hairstyle and really fun ornamental lines, and of course....


Our tiny, sexy tomboy is now a full-fledged lead. Chisato's vocal skills have grown so much since the early days, and it's about time she took it to the next level. GAH! This is so exciting, you guys. For reals. Personally, I really don't give two shits who's in the "center," because they all shine.

And to all of you out there who are still whining, bitching, moaning, complaining, BSing and otherwise carrying on about C-ute's line distribution, I have one thing to say, full offense intended:

Go stick a cock in your face.

And now, this message:

Yay! And also:

Happy February Birthdays to Maimi, Mai and Nakki!!!

Happiness' debut

I'm excited to have found out about this group--they are such a breath of fresh air in the world of constantly spawning girl groups. They are younger than you might expect, yes, but they aren't too young to present a more mature image.

< / begin culture rant >

See, this is one thing I completely dig about Japanese culture as opposed to my own: unlike the puritans over here, the Japanese actually embrace the growing up and maturing process. It is a time in life to be respected, rather than to be laughed at and shoved aside as it is here. When young women begin to grow up, it is celebrated in society, rather than covered up, criticized and regarded as an abomination of some angry ancient male bullshit god.

There's more to life than birth-5 years old and 25-35.

Some girls grow up innocent and girly, some sexy, some strong and brusque, some powerful, some funny and weird. All of these things are worth celebrating, and all of them are reflected in the music world in Japan.

Now the whole U-15 gravure business...that's just uncool, but that's another rant for another time. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

< / end culture rant >

Kikkawa Yuu amazing and I'm so glad Tsunku took the time to train her. Screw Morning Musume--being a soloist is what she was born to do. And, well, H!P really needed a new soloist. I love Mano Erina to pieces as a person, but her music really bores me (though I must admit I LOVED "Seishun no Serenade").

Now if only we would find out what will become of Furukawa Konatsu and Mori Saki...

Takahashi Ai's graduation

Yeah, yeah, I know this is old old old news, but I feel a burning obligation to opine. Yes, it is about time Ai-chan graduated (and Risa too, but w/e). She needs to move on with life after 10 years in Morning Musume. However, I am still pretty bummed about it, all things considered.

With Ai-chan's graduation, Morning Musume will lose its best singer in its history, and any 10th-gen member or members will have huge shoes to fill. (I really hope they have a 10th gen audition--the graduation is already shaping up to be an enormously bigly huge deal.) She will very much be missed, but I'm glad she'll be around to mentor the 9th-gen members until the fall.

I really do wish Risa would go with her, though. Sayumi would make a much better leader. (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan :P )

The Return of Buono! !!!!!!! !!!!1!!1one11!!!1!!!

All crapTASTIC promotion aside...with not one, but TWO PVs?


Seriously, that is all.

S/mileage: "Short Cut"

Yeah, they chopped Yuuka's hair off...bum day. But that aside, I love this song. It fits the girls well, and it doesn't sound like it was made for 6-year olds (*cough* 2nd single fail *cough cough*). Is it just me, or are they getting the best promotion in H!P these days? Eh, oh well. Got myself both the limited and regular editions of this :P

PV's rather odd, though--not gonna lie.


...are freaking terrible.


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