Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Latest from Japan: links for your information, enjoyment, perspective, and DONATION!!

I hope you all are keeping up on things in Japan as much as you can, but if you've been out of the loop the past few days, I've collected a variety of links for you to look at, covering a variety of topics and moods.

I've also included places and organizations you can donate to. There are so many ways to support the people of Japan right now, and every little bit helps.

Current Events: BBC, March 15 & 16, 2011:

Stories of survival and rescue:

Celebrities lending a helping hand:





Places and ways to donate and help:

  • The Red Cross**, obviously. This link will take you directly to their webpage, where you can donate as much as you want. On the go? Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10, which will appear on your next cell phone bill. You can do this multiple times, just like for Haiti (WHICH, GUYS, YOU CAN AND STILL SHOULD DONATE TO, BTW)
  • HOWEVS, as much as the Red Cross appears to be doing, I would more highly recommend donating to these other organizations, as **the Red Cross really likes to pamper its CEOs:
  • -Convoy of Hope
    -Socks For Japan: Because it's cold, wet, humid over there right now, and over 500,000 people are out of permanent homes right now. And socks are cheap.
    -International Medical Corps
    -Shelter Box, who provide portable emergency shelter
    -"UNICEF" Or text JAPAN to 864233 to donate $10. *Also use sparingly.*
  • More on organizations to try and avoid donating to here.
    The title of this article is "Don’t donate money to Japan," and it is an opinion piece written by a really cynical, jaded person. However, he makes a couple of good points, and it is for this reason I've included it in this list. Feel free to let the title make you mad (I sure did), but let some of the content inform your donation decisions.
  • Mellow Monk Green Tea is a fantastic Japanese green tea import company based in the US. They buy their teas directly from sustainable, traditional growers in Japan, and everything they sell is amazing. Right now, 15% of all Mellow Monk's sales will be donated directly to the relief effort. SO: if you have a hankering for great green tea, want to donate to the relief effort AND support sustainable, independent tea growers in Japan, Mellow Monk is the place to go!
  • HEY ALL YOU FOODIES/VEGANS/PEOPLE WHO LIKE VEGAN FOOD OUT THERE!!!"Oh She Glows" vegan blogger/runner/foodie/self-made baker Angela is holding a big fundraiser for Japan. With your donation, you not only do some good in the world, but you win a chance to win a ton of her tasty Glo Bars. (You can also get more info about these tasty morsels on her blog) Don't live in Canada? No problem! Plenty of people from the US have already donated here! THIS ENDS TONIGHT AT 10 PM EST (that's 8 PM for those of you in my area). So get on it!
  • Calling all K-pop and J-pop fans (and whoever else) out there: Fantastic and fun 5-member Korean girl group, KARA, will be releasing their second ORIGINAL Japanese single, "Jet Coaster Love" soon. The release date was originally scheduled for 3/23, but has been postponed indefinitely. But whenever it comes out, KARA will be donating EVERY CENT of profit from this single to the relief effort. SO GO BUY IT! Buy the single at YesAsia or CDJAPAN.
    Watch and listen here:

Oh yeah, and vote in my'll make me feel happy inside :P

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