Monday, March 28, 2011

Re: Maji Desu ka Ska. Oh, and the flame wars.

First off: Morning Musume's new single!

I'm personally looking forward to this single. I myself am more of a fan of the mature Musume image (with a few exceptions), but I think this song and PV strikes a nice balance, and it's a fairly solid debut for 9th gen.

The dance is the best choreography they've had since Kimagure Princess. All of last year's choreography sucked--it kind of ruined Lullaby Game for me, actually.

The PV is not high budget. But damn it, it was creative, and I actually watched the whole thing this time.

9th gen clearly needs a little more training (with the exception of Mizuki), but they did all right under the time constraints and massive pressure they must have been under from both their coaches and, as the below exhibit illustrates, their senpais.

Aika gets particularly strict in this clip...kinda makes me wish SHE'D become leader! Ok, I do wish she would become leader. Her vocals have grown immensely, and she's kind of a badass now. Plus, Risa needs to graduate. Seriously.

All that aside, it appears that the Kyuukies have amazing potential, though it's hard to tell with Erina right now...just sayin, yo :D

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time for


The brilliance of commenters on Tokyohive has struck again. The article about the PV hasn't even been up for 24 hours, and there are already 4 pages of flamewar fuckery comments and counting. Most of it has devolved in to fan wars and comparisons to AKB48 and whether Heavy Rotation was slutty or not. No, seriously, that's still happening. (Just for clarification, no, it really wasn't, and you know you liked it.)

I'm not the biggest MM fan ever, nor am I happy with the way UFA has been doing things lately, BUT.

I'm not going to blah blah blah about the boring and shortbustastic "this PV sucks" and "I don't like the new Momosu" comments. That's their opinion, and they have every right to post it. It would be nice if they would post it in a nicer way with more correct punctuation and grammar and maybe the occasional smiley face, but whatevs, yo.

(I'm also not going to comment on infamous H!P hater floppy troll, JosephPujol, because that guy is preeeeeeettty much nothing but an annoying dicksmear. Oh wait...)

This flame war has gotten so out of hand, I feel an urge, no, an obligation, to give the first annual/monthly/weekly/whatever


2ND RUNNER UP: sammy

OK, ok, I kind of lied--this guy's not really a douche at all--in fact they're pretty damn smart, have a lot of good points and know how to use a comma and capitalize the beginning of a sentence. Their only problem is that they're feeding the trolls. Big time. There comes a time to stop, luv.

Prize: A hug, an apology for leading you to believe you were a douchebag. Mea culpa.

1ST RUNNER-UP: calibrate

"Another release for the hardcore wotas. UFA has been milking them for years now and no end is in sight. Several versions of the same crap. Separate Single V. Wow, I wonder how you fans could even afford such non sense. 40K for each single, That means less than 5,000 fans buying multiple copies. Do the math people. UFA is bleeding and wotas are stupid enough to prolong the agony. "

Completely unneccessary and venomous comment, bad math, needless insult of random people they don't know. Not cool.

Prize: 40,000 copies of Seishun Collection


"i cant stand reina and he stupid "kawaii" looks. i just wish someone would punch her in the face." (sic)

This is completely and totally uncalled for. Advocating violence against someone is never okay, especially for something as stupid as this. Reina does NOT deserve to be flamed by some 12-year old on the internet, much less punched.

People like this are people who perpetuate violence against women. Believe it or not, the internet is not an inconsequential means of socializing people. It is completely integrated into our lives now, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, stuff on the interwebs kind of does matter in people's lives now.

Just because you're completely anonymous does NOT give you the right to be an abusive fuckwad.

Prize: A one-way trip to a desert island; a bag containing a raft with a hole in it, a broken oar, some flint and tinder, a really old can of Spam and a copy of The Vagina Monologues; and your very own personal Dr. Phil. He'll be there the whole time. Have fun, asshole.


For agreeing with above asshole.

That's a wrap, kids. I'm going to get my bitchy ass in bed so I can get up for work at 5 am. BOOO.


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