Thursday, March 10, 2011 about that SDN48 video?


Now that I have your panting, throbbing, and hopefully undivided attention, let's talk SDN48!

The PV for SDN48's second single, "Ai, Juseyo," was released just a day ago, and already the fight for the title of Supreme Opinion of All the Intertubes And Also Your Mom has begun.

sounds like kpop

kpop sux

sexay gurls lol


Why, sir, I think the naked have every right to be people!

yeah just people with nasty veeginies...

And also you're a manocentric maleocratic!

*fap* LEGS *fap* LEGS *fap* LEGS AND BUMGOODNESS *fap*

fake kpop for the slutz dood on and so forth.

As much as I want to rip into so many of these commenters, I just can't bring myself to do it. Because no matter how juvenile, gynophobic or Puritanical they may be, they kinda...well...have a point. *thereisaiditnowgoaway*

(With backlit buttcrack like this, who needs music?)

SDN48 is meant to be sexy and adult. I'm totally down with that. Sexy women shaking their thangs is totally kosher with me, and damn it, they have a right to as much as anyone else. The song sounds pretty sexy, and I can't help but love it. But, as much as I love how the song sounds (with the exception of those painful high As), the PV tries waaaaaaaay too hard.


This PV is to sexy as pizza without cheese is to tasting good. You might have a fantastic crust made lovingly by Italian chef-gods, and sauce that isn't pasteurized process tomato hork, but it was the fattening, guilt-inducing aged cow substance that made you buy the stupid pizza in the first place.*

(* ^This message was most assuredly not brought to you by pizza.)

It's not these ladies' fault their PV tried too hard--they're idols. They are powerless, controlled by male producers and wotas, and pressed to the point of exhaustion to keep their bodies, their youth and their innocence. But couldn't Akimoto at least come up with something better? Maybe he should stick to those cute pink bikini parties AKB48 is so fond of.

Loved the song. Buying the single. Think the PV should die in a fire. But these ladies are still HAWT, so dammit, we're looking anyway. Enjoy...ish!


Anonymous said...

this is J-pop not K-pop ~!!!!!!!

The Fly said...

Um, yeah....I am well aware of that, dude. The k-pop thing refers to comments on the video.

Read more carefully :D