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H!P Singles 2011: Round 2!

To get me started on posting again, I'm going to go through everyone's second singles this year and rank them. H!P's second round of singles has produced (I think) less overall quality than the first, but they're still doing better than they were last year at this time.


#5. Berryz Kobo "Ai no Dangan"

Such an ambitious and badass title...such a boring and non-memorable song. While not as bad as "Maji Bomber," Berryz Kobo's second single of this year just doesn't do it for me.

The Ups:

1. Maasa and Risako were SMOKING HAWT. Seriously:

(Sexy duckface: it totally exists.)

(Yurina approves.)

2. Ok, the outfits in general were smoking hot.
3. The special effects actually look like someone put *gasp* effort into them.
4. Chinami was awesome.


1. The song itself is almost as repetitive and choppy as Shining Power
2. Momoko sounds more helium-y than usual (Sorry lovey :( )
3. The choreography kind of looks like a seizure half the time. A really, really sexy seizure.

In conclusion:

Not the worst song EVAR (still Maji Bomber), but really not great. Heroine ni Narou ka was SO much better.

#4. C-ute: Momoiro Sparkling

Gah, I kinda feel like a bum for putting my leading ladies so far down the list, because in truth, I really liked this song. It is so cute and summery and colorful, and the B-side is one of their best. However, it says something when someone like me, who is hardly one to whine about low-budget PVs, feels like the PV was what ruined it for me.


1. I loved their outfits. So much cuteness!

2. As usual, the choreography was pretty awesome.
3. The music was full of summery funsies.
4. FARAWAY is an amazing b-side, and I would love to hear it in concert.


1. The recycled background. Seriously:

(Look familiar?)

I'm all for being eco-conscious and shiz, but surely they could have done something a little more different than pinkness with it? Just a little bit? Bubbles?

2. How hard would it have been to take this:

a few blocks away? Ya know, outside?:

(Pay no attention to the crappy shop job, IT'S THE PRINCIPLE DAMMIT!!!)

3. The really bad bubble effects
4. The release date.

In conclusion:
This could have been so much better. The PV did it in.

#3. S/mileage "Koi ni Booing Boo!"

Though S/mileage's 5th major release is my personal least favorite of all their releases, it's still a very good release for their genre. (Can I call it that?)


1. Overall, the PV was very cute and creative.
2. Still sticking with the uniform concept. I'm kind of digging that.
(Probably the only proof that the girls are actually not six.)

4. The giant forks. EEEEE!


1. Another romper-room smash hit. Great for the kids, not so great for me.
2. The black outfits.

#2. Morning Musume "Only you"

OMG OMG OMG. I didn't think I would be this stoked about a Morning Musume single. I freaking pre-ordered it, something I haven't done with a single of theirs since I became a H!P fan. Absolutely love this single.


1. Absolutely the best PV they have released since....shit, I dunno, Mikan? (Not counting Maji desu ka Ska! since that one was actually ok.)
2. The music is complex and well-rounded.
3. The staging, while somewhat simple, was used to its fullest.

(Just a little that....OH MY GOD IS THAT EFFORT I SEE?!?!?!)

4. Erina was gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

5. Robo-Gaki. Squee!
6. The return of Sayumi's sound effects. ohyeah.


1. Somehow, they managed to fuggify Aika once again. At this point, it's as if they're actually TRYING to make her look bad.

(There's a reason she's pissed.)

2. While Riho breaking the Tanakahashi chokehold on the lines was great, everyone else got totally, completely, monumentally FUCKING shafted.

And drumroll please.......

#1: Mano Erina "My Days For You"

Mano has been getting better and better with each single, and god damn it, this one is no exception. Her 10th single showcases how much her voice has grown, her range, her versatility in style, and, well, her incomparable beauty. This song caught me completely off guard. I have been spamming it since I first heard it. Don't believe me? Well, take a listen. I still almost don't believe me.


1.Pretty much everything


1. Is there more than one edition of the PV?

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