Friday, June 24, 2011

S/mileage auditions: a sneak peek! (finally)

The S/mileage 2nd-generation auditions are coming to an end in less than a week. I don't know about you guys, but I have been FREAKING DYING to see footage of the auditions. At first, like most people (and Yuuka LOL), I was pretty skeptical about adding new members to this already successful group. I mean, the formula S/mileage has going on is pretty solid already, so why mess with it?

(Every party needs a pooper...)

The audition announcement was a shock that no one was prepared for. Fans were confused, the girls were was just an all-around mess. But as the inevitability of the new member auditions sunk in, the idea began to grow on me. Another audition group in H!P is exactly what they need right now beeeeecauseee... much as I adore Morning Musume, it is stagnant right now. Less stagnant than it has been, by a long shot (because the 9th generation members are all proving to be fantastic), but until more new blood is transfused into the mix, Momusu won't go anywhere. Ai-chan's graduation is going to cause a lot of the old guard MM fans to peace out, yes. But I personally think a lot of new fans will be drawn to the group when the 10th (and 11th, at some point soon, hopefully) generation members make their debut. S/mileage has been kicking serious butt since their debut. They're turning out to be exactly what H!P needed.

The audition footage released today is mostly a teaser of what is yet to come. I hope more footage will be released soon.

Based on the footage, I've already picked a couple favorites out of what appear to be the finalists and semi-finalists....


These two girls are adorable, and they seem to have great sisterly chemistry between them. They would be a perfect fit. Yes, adding these girls would be totally gimmicky, but in a REALLY GOOD WAY, for once!

I'm also rather fond of #33, "Hula Girl":

I mean, come on. She's adorable, and seems to have a lot of spunk. I'd love to see her get in as well.

Only a couple more months until we find out!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!

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