Saturday, July 30, 2011

PASSPO: ViVi Natsu

It's really too bad that the leader will be shaving her head on August 31, because this song is really awesome. The PV's a little lower-budget than their first one, but the song more than makes up for it.

This song is something I would run to--it's positive, upbeat and summery. Plus, thinking of that watermelon concoction in the PV would keep me going on the hottest of days. This song definitely deserves to rank high on the charts--I know I will be buying a copy! (Unfortunately for them, I will also be buying a copy of Flying Get...)

I'd followed PASSPO casually in the past, but I think I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to them now!

And that's all I could think of to say--I wanted to make a post since it's been a while, but I'm also in the process of scouring my kitchen top to bottom, so I must peace out. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buono!: Natsu Dakara

(The room. It's in it.)

It's hard to admit when you're wrong. Next to dread and that Drano feeling you get after eating a batch of bad chicken parmesan, it's pretty much the worst thing ever.

When I listened to the radio rip of Buono!'s new song, I was pretty optimistic. To me, it sounded like the line distribution was pretty equal, just like it had always been. Things were looking on the up and up. I white knighted all over the place, as usual, telling any angry fans (some 12-year-old tards, some very smart and reasonable) what was what, dammit. It sounded pretty good, I thought.

(Fear not, fair maidens! 'Tis only a flesh wound!)

Then the PV came out, and I realized it was time for me to eat crow.

I'll say it.

I. Was. Wrong.



I love Airi to death. I think she's adorable, extremely talented and really hard-working. It isn't her fault that she got more lines than Miyabi and Momo, nor is it her fault that she got the center position...again.

But it is a problem.

It's not as big of a deal when she is given more lines as a part of C-ute's line-up. That is to be expected as a lead singer. It's practically in the job description. But it's not kosher in Buono!, which has been the only group with truly equal line distribution in H!P's history, for gods' sake. (S/mileage comes close, but I personally couldn't care less if Ayaka gets fewer lines. Seriously.)

Before 2011, the lines and the center position were always perfectly distributed between three equally capable singers. But now that Shugo Chara is over, and Buono!'s only reason for existing is their massive popularity, it seems Up-Front just cant keep their grubby little paws off of them (read: off of Airi).

(Well, to be fair...)

Herein lies the biggest thing...well, the ONLY thing, really, to blame for this change: The change in labels. When Buono! was under Pony Canyon, a fairly well-respected and higher profile label, everything was hunky dory, and their music was even a bit better. When they moved to Zetima, they were completely under H!P and Up-Front's control. Now, UFA has license to do whatever they want with the girls and the music; the biggest reason for their massive popularity and fans' wishes be damned.

We can't blame Tsunku this time, either. When he had more creative control, all of H!P's stuff was better. The shadowy overlords who now control H!P have taken the creativity mostly out of Tsunku's hands, which was a big mistake. Tsunku himself is a massively talented musician and a much better publicist than today's marketing shows. If he had more control, I seriously doubt this would be happening.

God dammit.

All that aside, I enjoyed the PV, which looks very nice even though it's clearly pretty low-budget. I liked the sound of the song, too. I think it ranks above Zassou no Uta in my mind.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tokyo Girls' Style: Limited Addiction


TGS keeps impressing me more and more with each single. When I first started following them, I had secret hopes that they would become the new SweetS. I don't hope that anymore. The girls are growing into their own style, and each one is developing their talent beautifully (esp. Ayano, but maybe that's my bias :P).

The sound of this song is great. I'm loving the complex instrumental and slightly retro sound to it. Electric guitars + jpop = instant win for me. (Well, except for AKB48's "Kore Kara Wonderland," but oh my god that song grew on me like mushy on cheap ramen. I wuv now.)

The downsides for me were:

a) the choreography. I know these girls can do so so SO much more than wiggle their bums. The outfits screamed "epic sparkly loves" while the choreo screamed "sexiness super-fail."

b) The sheath dresses in the solo shots. I'm kind of an advocate of letting girls grow up, but Miyu was the only one I personally believe was old enough to wear those (though Mei is the only one who LOOKS old enough). If they'd been three or four inches longer, with Mary Janes and some super-cute lacy, calf-length socks, I would have been totally gung-ho.

I miss SweetS so much. Nothing will ever take their place in my heart (Speaking of which, Yoshimura Ayaka now has TWO mini-albums out as of March...BUY ZEM!). But TGS is their own personality, and they are turning out to be superfab.


Check out the preview for the other a-side of this single: "We Will Win! -Kokoro no Baton de PoPon no Po~n-"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

40 little things that really shouldn't matter (that secretly bug the shit out of us)

(totally not barfing my inner thoughts all over the interwebs, i swear :P)

1. The fact that your couch is at least 20 years old.

2. You ordered pizza tonight. The scale shudders in the back of your closet.

3. The number of your Facebook friends is way less than someone else's.

4. You haven't gotten a master's degree yet.

5. You haven't published a masterful book yet.

6. You haven't recorded the next White Album.

7. Your cat likes your partner better. That bitch queen.

8. Why aren't you the next Jack Kerouac yet? Oh yeah, you have a festering hatred for poetry.

9. You haven't cured the world of hunger, poverty, ignorance, hybrid car smugness, or Twilight fans yet.

10. That longing for grownup, 400+ thread count linens...

11. All humans make mistakes. This includes your parents, your partner, your boss, and most importantly, YOU.

12. That guy in the next car is hooting at you...or is it making fun of the J-pop you have cranked up to GhettoBlaster levels of ear pain?

13. You don't look like Scarlett Johansson.

14. You have no desire to go to a high school reunion in three years.

15. You still like candles on your birthday cake.

16. Your LOLcat isn't on the front of Cheezburger.

17. Someone more qualified got that fancy job with a salary.

18. You're not driving a Prius/Leaf/fart-powered sexmobile because they're too damn esspensive.

19. You can't always get what you want.

20. ...But sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need.

21. Your chin/nose/brow/freckles stick out farther than a millimeter from your face.

22. College fizzled the reading-for-pleasure center of your brain.

23. Your peeps/bros/co-workers/homies can run a mile and a half, which is a mile and a half more than you can do.

24. AKB48 sells more records than god.

25. And damn it, why aren't you an idol?

26. Because you're *ahem* too tall. Yeah, that's it.

27. You can't go toe to toe with people in political arguments.

28. You hate politics.

29. You just can't bring yourself to be interested in the latest crazy presidential bid, anyway.

30. You aren't octolingual.

31. You haven't accidentally invented the laser mouse, Tetris or the Snuggie yet.

32. There are some people in this world you just won't ever get along with.

33. You don't have a time machine.

34. Or a TARDIS.

35. Or a David Tennant, Matt Smith, a Christopher Eccelston or Paul McGann.

36. ....Or a Billie Piper...or a Karen Gillan. *omnom*

37. Batman.

38. You're not internet famous.

39. You're not a super porntastic sex goddess.

40. You're too old to get $20 bills in your birthday cards (or $100s, or boxes full of money for no reason :D )