Monday, July 11, 2011

Tokyo Girls' Style: Limited Addiction


TGS keeps impressing me more and more with each single. When I first started following them, I had secret hopes that they would become the new SweetS. I don't hope that anymore. The girls are growing into their own style, and each one is developing their talent beautifully (esp. Ayano, but maybe that's my bias :P).

The sound of this song is great. I'm loving the complex instrumental and slightly retro sound to it. Electric guitars + jpop = instant win for me. (Well, except for AKB48's "Kore Kara Wonderland," but oh my god that song grew on me like mushy on cheap ramen. I wuv now.)

The downsides for me were:

a) the choreography. I know these girls can do so so SO much more than wiggle their bums. The outfits screamed "epic sparkly loves" while the choreo screamed "sexiness super-fail."

b) The sheath dresses in the solo shots. I'm kind of an advocate of letting girls grow up, but Miyu was the only one I personally believe was old enough to wear those (though Mei is the only one who LOOKS old enough). If they'd been three or four inches longer, with Mary Janes and some super-cute lacy, calf-length socks, I would have been totally gung-ho.

I miss SweetS so much. Nothing will ever take their place in my heart (Speaking of which, Yoshimura Ayaka now has TWO mini-albums out as of March...BUY ZEM!). But TGS is their own personality, and they are turning out to be superfab.


Check out the preview for the other a-side of this single: "We Will Win! -Kokoro no Baton de PoPon no Po~n-"

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