Saturday, August 13, 2011

30-day idol challenge: Day 11

More double questions!

Day 11: Your favorite solo idol?

Itano Tomomi

I love Tomochin. I absolutely love her. She isn't the most talented singer in the universe, but I like the unique quality her voice has. She has lots of room to grow, and she is more than willing to go the distance. The way she approaches her work tells me that being a solo artist is something she wants to stick with for the long term, and I can see her music career lasting far beyond AKB48.

Unlike 90% of the other AKB fans out there that I've seen, I LOVED "Fui ni." The song had a very Tiesto-like vibe to it, which hugely appeals to me, and it was unique--not really idol fare. (I also really liked Acchan's "Flower," but that song was very much in the idol mold.) "Fui ni" showed fans that Tomomi is not afraid to experiment. I love variety in music, so experimentation and genre hopping is something I am very attracted to.

Tomomi has a ways to go as a singer. But so did Hamasaki Ayumi when she first started. Her producers didn't believe she could do it. They said she did not have enough talent and would fail, but she proved them wrong with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of hate dodging. I can see Tomomi doing the same thing.

Day 11: Which idol isn't your type, but won you over eventually?

Mano Erina

Mano isn't one of the H!P members I gravitated toward first, and to this day I still don't pay her as much attention as she deserves. But I do really like her. She's possibly the smartest girl among the current members, she's absolutely gorgeous, and she is improving by leaps and bounds every time she releases a new single. I'm going to get her latest PB eventually :P

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