Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 day idol challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Who is your favorite Hello! Project member?

Tokunaga Chinami

Since Sayumi got a day already, it's Chii's turn! I've waxed poetic about this cute, bubbly girl before, and she has gotten into no shortage of fun shenanigans since the last time I did. I really wish I could have been at Sakura Con to see Berryz live. I'm super-bummed about this lack of Berryz in my life just because of Chinami's adorable Engrish and fish dress antics. She really stood out from the other members because of how outgoing and friendly she was with everyone she met. I would love to meet her someday, and I really hope more people start supporting this wonderful girl!

Day 12: The most evil idol?

Konishi Ayano...sort of

LOL, I'm totally trolling you guys. Actually, I love Ayano--she's my personal favorite member of Tokyo Girls' Style. Her voice is great, and she's a total sweetheart. But she always has this scheming look about her that makes you wonder...

I honestly can't think of any truly evil idols--the catty Kuroki Meisas of the world aren't idols to me.

Runners up: Miyazawa Sae and Sayashi Riho

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