Monday, August 15, 2011

30 day idol challenge: Day 13

Interrupting my regularly scheduled Fallout binge to bring you this double idol challenge post a day late!!!

Day 13: Your favorite AKB48 member?

Akimoto Sayaka

No contest here. In addition to being one of the idol world's best vocalists (she could easily go toe to toe with Aichan), she has a very unique charisma that drew me to her immediately upon becoming an AKB fan (which wasn't very long ago, to be honest). I find her unique looks beautiful-she stands out in a great way. And her Lady Gaga impression was awesome. She is also very resilient and willing to work hard, even when she isn't trying to make up for a scandal.**

**which was pants-on-head retarded.

Her entering into the Tokyo Marathon this year inspired me to train for the 2012 Honolulu Marathon. I thought that was a really neat thing to do, and her finish was triumphant in more ways than one. I will keep one of her photos close when I actually do run it. :)

Runner-up: Kashiwagi Yuki

Day 13: Favorite Berryz Kobo Member?

Since Chinami got a day already, I will honor my very, VERY CLOSE number 2:

Kumai Yurina

Since I made my BK ranking last year, positions have fluctuated a lot, but recently, my top two have remained steady. I'm not a huge fan of her singing voice (I think it was Jin at STK who said something along the lines of "Miss Talks-for-Singing"...), but I am a huge fan of her. I love her awkward, quirky personality. It fits her height well. Why those go together I'm not quite sure, but it makes sense to me, damn it!

I loved watching the making of her most recent PB (which, in my opinion, was THE BEST H!P photobook released last year and I'm so proud to own it). It is really entertaining watching her try new things--she doesn't try to be a spaz or overly clumsy, she just does it and has fun with it. Her genuine nature really makes her stand out from the other members.

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