Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30-day idol challenge: Day 14

Day 14: The idol with the best body in H!P?

Happy Perv Day to ME!! Oh, this is going to be exciting indeed. :P

Before I decide who I think has the best body, I'd like to hand out some individual awards to the lovely ladies of H!P. All of them have fantastic bodies and gorgeousness, and they deserve to be featured, dammit! I want to stick to the active members, though--there's a lot of OG members who have awesome assets (*cough* Ishikawa Rika *cough*), but maybe we'll do a different post for that. :P

Best Butt Award:

Takahashi Ai (DUH!)

Best Boobs Award:

Mitsui Aika

Best Abs Award:

Yajima Maimi

Best Legs Award:

Kumai Yurina

Best Lips Award:

Sudo Maasa

Best Hair Award:

Michishige Sayumi

Best Smile Award:

Sugaya Risako

Best Overall Face Award:

Mano Erina

And the winner....of the Best body in Hello! Project



Surprised? Well you should start paying more attention to her, geez!

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