Friday, August 19, 2011

30 day idol challenge: Day 16

And we continue on with the double questions!

Day 16: Your favorite Idol from a group not listed above?

MAYU (Sugieda Mayu)

The lead vocalist of Happiness may not be the most OMGHAWT member, but she has a magnetic, otherworldly charisma to her that I can't describe without sounding like a drunken wannabe poetry slammer. Right now, she's the member that stands out to me the most, and the one who got me interested in the group in the first place. She IS the group, and I am TOTALLY okay with that.

Day 16: The Sweetest Idol?

Since this is a H!P-related question, I have to give it to:

Fukumura Mizuki

Mizuki is really the only one in H!P that I can peg as being truly "sweet." She is like a mama bird at times to the other Kyuukies. She helps them out constantly with learning the ways of the idol world without the harshness of her other senpai. She is just a doll.

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