Friday, August 26, 2011

30-day idol challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Favorite idol costume?

Costumes come in many shapes, sizes and states of ugly. It's rare, from what I've seen, for costumes (especially in H!P) to reach a happy medium in a world of extremes: from shapeless/excessively frilly to holycrapSKIMPY (not that there's much wrong with that :P).

For a costume to be good in my eyes, it must meet a few criteria.


  • DON'T infantilize the performers. I think costumes should try to be age-appropriate (with a little room for error on the grown-up side), don't get me wrong. However, it honestly bothers me more to see 18, 19, 20-something years-old women wearing frilly lolitastic getups than it does to see 13, 14 year olds in sheath dresses. Maybe I'll wax poetic on why later.
  • DON'T do too many brights. Bright is awesome, but there is such a thing a too much. I would like to keep my retinas intact until I die, thanks.
  • DON'T do shapeless sack garments (Fankora 2010, I'm looking at you...). There's a way to do loose-fitting pieces without turning the girls into pillowcases with legs. Glorious legs...
  • ...and DON'T, oh please god DON'T put them in fruit costumes. That was a very dark day in Berryz Kobo history. (Though I'm somehow ok with the fish costumes from Seattle...huh.)


  • DO emphasize those great body shapes at least a little.
  • DO take inspiration from concepts that people wear on the street. Or at least stuff people barely get away with wearing outside Harajuku.
  • DO heels. Boots are particularly nice.
  • -...and DO sparkly! I love sparkly!

Now, there are actually quite a few costumes I love, especially in recent memory (Morning Musume, yes please!!) But the winner is, hands-down:

Watarirouka Hashritai 7: "Hetappi Wink"

Cute underbust corsets, red heels, complimentary colors, and just enough poofiness to be shapely and not kiddie? I think I'm in heaven.

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