Saturday, August 27, 2011

30-day idol challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Past idol you miss the most?

It's hard for me personally to really "miss" any idol who graduates because, for the most part, they all had good reasons to end their time as idols. Maybe they discovered what they wanted to do while they were idoling it up and left to pursue their real passion. Maybe they felt like they didn't fit the idol mold. Maybe it was that the incredible, overwhelming pressure of being an idol just became too much to handle. Or maybe it was simply that they finished their time as an idol (reached their "use-by" date) and went on to live normal adult lives.

These are all good reasons to leave the idol world, and I don't really feel like it is productive to lament past graduations and bitch about fresh meat in the idol world when the reality is: everyone has to leave at some point, everyone has unique qualities that enhanced their respective groups in some way, and no one will forget those who have come before. That's one of the awesome parts of being an idol fan: we "get to know" so many different people and watch them grow up. So why waste our time missing graduated idols when we can be happy for their new careers?

That being said, there are a couple ladies out there who I feel no shame for missing and lamenting their departure because of how under-appreciated they were during their idol career. And the one who tops that list is, without question:


Linlin was flawless. She had a funny, quirky and outgoing personality, she was smart and adaptable, and she was one of the strongest vocalists Morning Musume ever had. She was one of the only members I ever saw do a jazz solo--and do it WELL, at that.

Having been a formal student of voice for almost 15 years myself, I can tell you from experience that good jazz singing is far from being easy. Being as I am also cursed with perfect pitch, one thing I can't stand about some jazz singing is blue notes, which are very common in jazz. Blue notes are a really fantastic artistic move in jazz vocals, but they drive me nuts 90% of the time because they are in that nebulous, mathematically frustrating area between actual notes, and my ears don't like that very much.

But I could listen to Linlin hit them all day. She divided by zero, and it made total sense to my perfectionist brain.

I miss her because H!P never gave her a chance. I have my theories as to why, but those don't matter. The point is that Linlin really could have been something great and memorable (not that she isn't already, but you get my point, yes?). H!P chewed her up and spit her out without so much as a courtesy PB to her name. That shouldn't happen to someone as awesome as Linlin.

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