Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the winners are...

(Second-generation is ready to smile!!! /end cheese)

About 45 minutes-ish ago, the FIVE new members of S/mileage were introduced to the world. I'm actually rather pleased with the selection. Three out of four of my personal picks made it, and though I am a bit surprised with Fuyuka and Kana, I'm looking forward to seeing how they fit in.

Kana in particular caught my eye during the last parts of the auditions. There's something special about her. Fuyuka, while not one of the strongest auditioners, proved that she can take A LOT of abuse from the instructors, and I think that gives her infinite potential. You can see the subtitled episodes here:

Congratulations and welcome, Kana, Fuyuka, Akari, Rina and Meimi!!

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