Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can Fairies really fly?

Maybe not, but they can definitely grant wishes!

Only July 25, Vision Factory announced the forming of a new idol group. The group consists of 7 girls between the ages of 12 and 15 who are rumored to possess some serious skills.

And today we learned that those rumors are so, SO true.

Meet "Fairies!"

Inoue Rikako, age 15 (presumed leader)

Ito Momoka, age 13 (apparent frontgirl)

Nomoto Sora, age 13

Fujita Miria, age 13

Shimomura Miki, age 12

Kiyomura Kawane, age 13 (my current favorite because she looks like my favorite SweetS member, Takewa Haruna ^_^)

Hayashida Mahiro, age 13

These girls already appear to work very well together, and their debut single, "More Kiss/Song for You," is set to drop on September 21st. I think it sounds fantastic, and it doesn't sound like typical idol fodder. (I love it when idol groups experiment, personally!)

This video is a great introduction to the girls, their abilities, and their new song. At 4:40, we get treated to a bit of a PV preview. I'm really looking forward to watching this group of talented girls!

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