Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ogawa Saki to bid farewell to S/mileage


When I saw the news tonight, I blurted out a very loud "WHAT?!" My coworkers gave me some funny looks and I just said '"Uh...um...the news! And stuff!"

I'm so sad that Saki is leaving so soon. She was my favorite from the group's inception. I understand now why she couldn't hold back tears on stage when the new members were introduced...maybe it would have been different if she weren't going on such short notice (from the fans' vantage point, anyway). I'm really disappointed that she only gets four days to say all her goodbyes and get ready to leave.

Well, I'll miss you, Sakichy. S/mileage will never be the same for me without your fantastic voice, your laugh, your s/mile (couldn't resist), and your maturity beyond your years. I hope you have a great life. :)

Ok, now I'm going to resume bawling into my pillow :-(

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