Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tokyo Girls' Style is on fire!

WARNING: I have nothing but love in this post!

Tokyo Girls' Style just broke the sound barrier. Their most recent single, "Limited Addiction / We Will Win! ~Kokoro no Baton de Po Pon no Po Po~n~," ranked #11 on the Oricon charts in its first week, which is the highest position TGS has seen to date on the charts by eight places.

TGS also more than doubled the total sales of their best-selling single, "Love like candyfloss," which is a huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of this group. They are proving they have what it takes to big.  This single deserved to be their bestseller.  The songs are both fantastic.  They are listenable for a much wider range of people than previous releases, like each song since "Himawari to Hoshikuzu" has been.  There is nothing about this group that is stagnant.  They are constantly growing, and their sound keeps getting better.

At the risk of infuriating a lot of diehard SweetS fans (like myself, btw), TGS is already doing better than SweetS, and leaving a legacy just as big.  

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