Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 30: Why do you love idols?

The last part of the challenge took me a while to think about....or was it just me being lazy?  Well, you'll never know, now will ya? :P  Sorry for the delay!

I'd been wanting to write about this subject for some time.  I felt like I was going to go into some deep social commentary thing, but I think I've gone into that a few times already in various past posts.  I also felt like I needed to wax-poetic about how some people should stop being assholes about the fact that some people like idol music, but honestly, I really couldn't care less, and I should stop trying to, because I don't have to! I am lucky that the people in my life don't give two shits that I listen to idol music and perv over the girls in the super-bi way that I do.  It's fucking great!  Unlike a lot of people whose stories I've read on the H!O forums, I am blessed to have awesome friends and an awesome family who don't judge people based on silly hobbies like idol fangirling.  (And recognize that I'm a grownup.)  I don't get comments questioning (or affirming 8D) my sexuality unless I do something that warrants it just because of my idol hobby.  All things considered, I have it pretty damn good as a fan.  So, here are the many reasons I love idols!

I love idols because of the music.  It's fun, upbeat, and a lot of the lyrics to the songs are surprisingly deep, which blew me away when I first became an idol fan.  Even that recent C-ute release that I still gnash my teeth over is (oh god here it comes) winning me over because of the lyrics. No, they're not all good, but I love listening to it and knowing that it means something.  Idol music is NOT, I repeat NOT, some super-innovative genre.  It's not amazing riffs or glisses or anything else musically.  But it is fun, it is happy, and it provides that feeling to me when I need it to or just when I feel like it.  I sincerely wish I had enough money to buy every single release every time, but I can make do for now :)

I love idols because the girls and their characters are very interesting and fun to watch.  One thing I dislike about American pop culture is that it turns many women into complete bitches, and I don't want to have anything to do with people like that, be they directly in my life or not.  Idols' characters may not always be who they truly are, but they have other ways to let that out, like blogs.  (Or, if you're Sayaka, some guy's ego.  Oh hell yeah, girl.)

I love idols because the industry and culture give me a lot of things to think about as a feminist.  The idol industry on the whole pisses me off because of what it implies about what men think women should be, and how women themselves have internalized that.  I often wonder sometimes how I can be an idol fan and a strong feminist at the same time.  It confuses me.  But thinking and talking about the cultural issues gives me a ladyboner, and that's one reason I'm glad I haven't resolved this particular internal conflict.

I love idols because it really is neat to watch people grow up.  Many girls go into the industry at what we would consider a pretty young age, and watching them blossom into awesome young women is really great.  This is one thing I think is totally right about the idol world--they take care of the young people they pick, and even though they all work long hours, they usually turn out all right in the end.  (Now if only people would stop saying there's something inherently wrong with going into the AV industry...)

The previous 29 days of this challenge made me actively look into the members of groups I like but do not follow as closely as H!P, and I'm super grateful for that--the more idols, the merrier!  I'm glad I got wind of this--it was a great opportunity to branch out my idol fandom. :D

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