Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Musume: 10th generation audition goes to camp!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the 10th-gen auditions are in the home stretch.  Here, we have the ten finalists who have probably just finished washing Tsunku's pony-hair makeup brushes by hand at training camp.

This week's HaroPro Time! gave us a good (if incomplete) look at the ten finalists and their abilities, as well as the vocal coaches giving them the cruel, cruel task of memorizing Ai-chan's graduation solo.  The bastards.

It's rumored that we're getting even more footage next week, and I'm glad for this.  This generation is proving to be a mysterious one, and I'd really like to get a bigger picture of the girls before they are chosen.  They are all doing a great job so far--doing a group dance with people you don't know is really hard.  (Iwas a theater geek back in my young, skinny days--I know :P )  At this point, I see potential in all of them, but like everyone else, I have my favorites.  And I am totally in the minority on who some of them are.

My top picks, color-coded for your convenience:


I absolutely love this girl.  Her dancing was pretty good (except for when she forgot the choreo under pressure, but it happens), and her voice at this point shows pretty good control and infinite room for growth, despite forgetting some lyrics.  She seems to have a smiley personality, too.  Yes, she has a rather plain look, but I see a diamond in the rough here.  That and the whole perfect pitch thing gives me a warm and sisterly feeling for her.  Misery loves company!!!

OOGAMI HINAKO (foreshadowing color WUT WUT)

It's the year of Kansai for H!P!  At least I hope so!  A lot of people out there seem to think this girl got hit with the ugly stick.  I don't.  She's a beauty, especially in the footage.  She has a unique look that no one else in MM has.  She is a very quick study as well, and that will help her take off in her early days as a Momosu. I really like her, and I hope the gods of UFA do too.


Ayumi was one I half-heartedly picked based on looks last week in the 5-second clips, but she really impressed me in the footage.  She is, without a doubt, the strongest dancer in the group (probably due to her backup experience with Dorothy Little Happy), and I have to commend her bravery on singing Naichau Kamo for her audition song.  Definitely not the best to show off vocals, but she did it with conviction.


I finally hopped aboard the Sara bandwagon after seeing the camp footage.  Sara, unlike most of the rest of the auditionees, has very little dance or vocal training.  Yet she shines.  Her voice is rather impressive for her level of training, and I love her haircut :P  She is raw and fresh, kind of like Acchan was when she busted into AKB48.  And look at that girl now--she's a total star and a total beauty.  I see that potential in Sara, and I really hope she gets in.


The other Dorothy Little Happy back-up member in the audition!  She is a great dancer, and has a really cute smile, even if she isn't the best vocally.  Screw that, man!  She may seem a little plain, but in the Dorothy Little Happy footage I've watched, she seems to have an adorable personality.  She reminds me a little of Iida Kaori and Konno Asami's lovechild in that regard.  If she and Ayumi got in together, that would rock my world--they are so cute together!

Definitely wouldn't mind, but I'll have to think about it:


This girl, a H!O fan favorite, really is perfect for Morning Musume.  She's pretty, she has a pretty decent voice, and she's not a bad dancer.  I would not mind seeing her get in.  But the reason she makes the maybe list is because of her very obvious weight issues.

I don't like to throw this word around, because it is a very serious thing, but it is very appropriate to describe her: Haruna is literally anorexic.  Her legs are close to bowing out--there is almost nothing on her thighs, which, despite what media would have us believe, is a very, very bad thing. Thighs are one of the biggest indicators of a young woman's health, be they big or small, or in Haruna's case, not there.  Also, in the audition footage, her eyes had very big dark circles under them--and indicator of many things, not the least of which are dehydration, loss of collagen, and emotional and physical stress.  Granted, malpigmentation is also of particular concern for people of Asian descent, but I doubt that's what it is.  Lastly, the swollen cheeks she has, which some think means she has a full face, can indicate swollen salivary glands--not a good sign.

I like Haruna a lot.  But I worry about her health.  However, if she gets in, I'll be thrilled!  I just hope she gets some care.


Meru isn't that good, and she's not that good-looking.  But she has spunk and is willing to work on things.  She, Masaki and Miwa Satsuki all forgot the choreography at one point, and Natsu-sensei kind of chewed their asses for it, understandably.  But Suki-beam of H!O provided the world with this little gem:

Natsu-sensei: Do you have anything you want to say? 
Miwa: Please give us just one more chance
Sensei: Do you understand? What about when you have to do the final presentation? "Considering you already had a chance, why didn't you memorize it?"
Tashima: As for myself, ... to have the appearance of having memorized it perfectly...
Sensei: You want it perfect?
Tashima: *nod*
Sensei: Tashima, how are you going to continue from here? Until that time tomorrow, how do you plan on being able to do it (the dance)?
Tashima: I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to give it all my might to be able to do it.
Sensei: Alright, Tashima you're okay.
She can do this, she just needs some time.

Eh, don't call us, we'll call you:


I think Haruka is liked mostly because she is an Egg.  Yes, she has some pretty awesome abilities (aside from her vocals, which aren't terrible but aren't great either), but she seems like material MM has had before.  I'm kind of resigned to the fact that she'll probably get in anyway.  I am very much in the minority, but I do not want to see her in MM.


Did not notice.  Not saying "Wax off, Miyagi" just yet though :P  


Also did not notice much, but would like to.

I'm excited to see how many of them are going to get in--I'm all for three or four myself, though that might be a pipe dream.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree with you about somethings... ^^"" But I liked Oogami too! Her, Meeru and Miyagi was the girls I liked the most! I also liked Sara and Fuuka.

I'm feel por for anyone any og them joying the group!T_T But at leats I liked Ayumi. :D" And I really deslike Sato. =__=' But I'm still wainting for a new group, with all the girls who are left in the S/mileage and Momosu's auditions... xDD"