Monday, October 24, 2011

Another one bites the dust

First Saki, then Fuyuka, now Yuuka, S/mileage's most popular member.  Can S/mileage's year get any worse?

I was more shocked at this announcement than I was at Saki's.  You would have figured that the older members would have been invested in the younger members now that things have settled down from the auditions, and thus, I dunno, stick around or something.  But it doesn't seem like that is the case.

I'm more pissed than sad at this announcement.  I like Yuuka, and I applaud her for taking her university entrance exams seriously in a country where education is actually taken seriously and is worth taking time for.  However, I feel like that isn't her only motivation.  This seems like a complete and total escape from Kana stalking ragequit to me.  But since Yuuka is far more popular than Saki was, her fans actually get a heads up instead of getting three days' notice.  Congratulations, fans.  Enjoy your butthurt oshi's farewell ceremony, because a lot of other S/mileage fans didn't get that luxury.

This is the only graduation that I've ever witnessed as a fan of H!P that has genuinely pissed me off, and both on the part of the member and on UFA. For fucks' sake, this couldn't get much worse.

Edit: this is only one of many theories.  I don't even know if I can take myself seriously ;)


Chiima said...

I understand what you feel, however Saki was my first true graduation that I actually experencied such hurt and sorrow. I would say that Koharu's pained me, but I had been a fan of her 3 months prior to her departure; with Saki, I was there for the debut and up until she left. So yeah, Saki's saddened me. But it hurts with Yuuka too, and I AM annoyed! But this is her choice Dx

Mara said...

Saki's graduation was very sad for me, too--it just didn't make me as mad as this one is. Ungh! My blood is boiling! I hope she does well on the entrance exams nonetheless tho :P

Anonymous said...

What is seriously happening to s/mileage?!
First I hear Saki leaving, I got REALLY sad :(
Then these new members come along,
well , that got me annoyed because I wont have my original 4 sing together anymore.