Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mobekimasu sorting!

I've never played a ranker before, so I decided to try it! I was surprised by some results, but not as much by others.

1. Michishige Sayumi
2. Kumai Yurina
3. Nakajima Saki
4. Sudo Maasa
5. Okai Chisato
6. Suzuki Kanon
7. Tanaka Reina
8. Fukuda Kanon
9. Tokunaga Chinami
10. Yajima Maimi
11. Hagiwara Mai
12. Suzuki Airi
13. Mitsui Aika
14. Tamura Meimi
15. Ishida Ayumi
16. Ikuta Erina
17. Nakanishi Kana
18. Wada Ayaka
19. Sayashi Riho
20. Shimizu Saki
21. Tsugunaga Momoko
22. Satou Masaki
23. Maeda Yuuka
24. Takeuchi Akari
25. Mano Erina
26. Sugaya Risako
27. Katsuta Rina
28. Natsuyaki Miyabi
29. Niigaki Risa
30. Iikubo Haruna
31. Fukumura Mizuki
32. Kudo Haruka

My top three is a no-brainer at this point.  Those three have been very consistent this year.  I am amazed, though, at how high Reina has gotten in my ranks.  I'm not surprised, though--I've really come to like her this year.  Like, a lot.  She's going from being one of my least to one of my most, as has Maimai.

Manoeri, while never being one of my favorites, has moved up quite a bit this year--more, I think, than the ranker shows.  I'm far more interested in her than I ever have been, and I hope this interest continues.  I really want a new soloist in H!P to come in and keep her on her toes, though.

I feel like Kana should be higher, and I'm glad Aika stayed as high as she did this year.  2011 has not been her year, but I hope next year can be better for her.  Miya is at the bottom for me this year.  I like her enough, but she's not really piqued my interest this year, like Niigaki (my former perpetual least favorite Momusu) has.  I'd bump Gaki a bit higher, above Rina and Akari (sorry girls), actually.

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