Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ok, Buono is bueno again.

The PV for Deep Mind, Buono!'s second a-side (or first?  Ah, whatevs...) was released today.  It has almost completely redeemed the mediocre Hatsukoi Cider mess for me.

I'm so glad they went with the darker image colors for this PV.  It suits the girls and the song very well.  I will admit, though, I've always preferred Buono!'s less upbeat songs because it shows a very mature side of them.  And, Miyabi's haircut, you guys.  Srsly.  Anyone else think she looks sexy as hell?

Anyway, watch, drool, love.  And go watch Gommenasai even though it's probably going to be really bad :P


Chiima said...

I love Miyabi's hairstyle! When my friends were unhappy with it, I was like 'she looks sexy as hell, don't diss'. I really think that she pulls it off.

Watching the video, it got a bit boring for me personally, but then again, it isn't for everyone. However, I loved the song and the dresses XD

BeForJess said...

I think this is the best Miyabi has ever looked. Her haircut is super hot.