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Top ---48 family songs and units of 2011!

This is my first year of being an honest-to-god 48-family fan.  I loved River back when it came out, I became an SKE fan after "Aozora Kataomoi" and I sort of paid attention to AKB48 up until Beginner came out, when I started making a real attempt to learn about them.  I don't have enough time to watch all of the material the 48s are in, or enough energy to yell at the H!P haters among 48 fans, so I've paid less attention to things like b-sides than I'd like.  But I love watching the sub units and soloists (yes, even Acchan).  It makes being a 48 fan much more manageable.

Even though I don't have anything really profound to say about most of these songs, these are my tips of the hat and wags of the finger to the 48 family for 2011.  Noob style!  (Also known as the don't be a hater, OH PREEZE! style <3 )

TOP ---48 SONGS OF 2011

#10: Kaze wa Fuiteiru: AKB48

This song is really nice to listen to, the PV is messed up beyond all reason (in a totally awesome way), the message is great, the dance is intense, the cause the profits went to is's just great.
#9: Candle no Shin: Kashiwagi Yuki and Kuramochi Asuka

I really enjoyed this entire single--so much so that I bought 2 copies!!  The release of Saisho no Mail single-handedly (hehehe...I'm so clever) made French Kiss my favorite sub unit (sorry, Not Yet, I still love you!).  But Candle no Shin was my favorite track by far.  It really showcased Asuka's vocal abilities, which catapulted her into my top 10 list.  The instrumental is really well-rounded as well.

#8: Sakura ki ni Narou: AKB48

This sakura ballad was just gorgeous, and the PV was incredible.  This was the first (and to date, um, only--I'm poor, dammit!) AKB48 single I've bought brand new, and I guess that's partly what gives it a special place in mah hearts.

#7: Shuumatsu Not yet: Not yet

My favorite Not Yet release by far.  The PV wasn't great, but I love the song to this day.  It showcases the fact that AKB48 knows how to mix it up, and mix it up well.

Oh, and Kitarie's lusciousness.

#6: Sakkaku: no3b

This entire single was also fantastic.  But Sakkaku is just the best.  Say what you will about the autotune effects.  I personally couldn't give two shits and a fuck if I tried.

#5: Hetappi Wink: Watarirouka Hashritai 7

I wish I could have bought every single edition of this single.  I really do.  I enjoyed most of its b-sides, the PV was brilliant, and the outfits are to die for.  I never thought I would love love love such a cutesy song, or Mayuyu, but it all won me over from the second I heard it.

Still cracks me up that they did a song for Shin-chan.  Good god, that show made ME blush.

#4: Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo: NMB48

This has to be on the list.  It's a catchy song, and the girls blew away the charts with it.  I didn't want to get into NMB, but damn it all.  The choreography is the best part of the song, in my opinion.  It's very ethnic and very much a showstopper.

#3: Kore Kara Wonderland: AKB48

Oh the disconess.  I hated this song at first, but it grew on me like mold in a dorm sink.  I'll bet it's the rainbows...

#2: Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai: Team A AKB48

Once again, Team A got the brilliant B-side for the janken song.  I still think Kurumi to Dialogue was better, but this comes damn close.  This song was everything fans hoped Kaze wa Fuiteiru would be.

#1: Okie Dokie: SKE48

Absolutely the best 48 family release this year.  SKE48s genki songs and penchant for including fans and lots of other members in their PVs was what really made me love them in the first place.  The choreography is so energetic, and the song isn't as predictable as their previous release (more on that later).  I just love it.  I do wish they would have more than 3 senbatsu members, though.

5 WORST ---48 SONGS:

#5: Valentine Kiss: Watarirouka Hashritai 7

This song is just plain annoying.  The original was better.  Nothing remarkable.

#4: Ue Kara Mariko: AKB48

Le snoozefest.  I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything spectacular--the last janken single wasn't that great either, but I had hoped.  It sounds like any other generic AKB b-side I've ever skipped over.  On the plus side, the lyrics are pretty funny.

#3: Oh My God!: NMB48

I don't even remember this song. That's how bad it was.  That and the soap-opera film speed used in the PV was annoying.  I'm kind of bummed that a group that got off to such a stellar start had such a lackluster second release.

#2: Flying Get: AKB48

I could go off on this piece of crap all day.  I really could.  Such a self-indulgent, arrogant, lazy, capitalist (oopsy, did I say that out loud?), entitled piece of shit this was.  The only reason I own a copy is because I really like "Ice no Kuchizuke."  And the song itself isn't all that bad, I guess.  It is fun to listen to.  Which is why it was not my #1.

#1: Pareo wa Emerald: SKE48

This single was such a disappoinment.  It was shaping up to be a fun summer song, but then we learned it tried to be Ponytail to Shushu and failed miserably.  Seriously, the chord progression and melody is waaaaaaay too similar.  And that bugs the crap out of me.  The covers were great, the song was utter crap.  I am really bummed out by this release.

Top sub-unit: Not Yet

Not Yet is the greatest thing to happen to the idol world since Passpo.  They are so much fun to watch in their making of videos, particularly their most recent one where Sasshi was all surprised that the little white kid spoke fluent Japanese.  The girls all have great chemistry, and their sales are fantastic for a new sub-unit.  Out of all the sub-units, they seem to be the most "out-and-doing-it" bunch.

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