Sunday, February 26, 2012

My goddess murders the Tokyo Marathon once again!

Sayaka-omikami (It's not blasphemy, it's DA TROOF!!!), my goddess, my wub, completed the Tokyo Marathon for the second time this year, completely KILLING her previous time by almost an hour and a half!  I mean holy balls, guys.  Holy, sacred, sexy balls.

I can't describe how inspired I am by her without sounding like a complete sap (like I do here on my new Babbie's First Marathon blog :P), but I am so proud of her.  The world needs more people like her--people who help those in need without any second thoughts and without any huge disaster being the primary fire under their ass.

Anyway, enough babbling--here's some awesome videos :P

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Anonymous said...

Sayaka is so awesome, i cant discribe it in words .... the training for this marathon must been a living hell!!!
I think i will walk to work tomorrow ... fuck the train^^