Friday, May 4, 2012

Mitsui Aika to graduate

The thing that gets me blogging after a month!  :-(  Today, it was announced that Mitsui Aika would be graduating with Gaki on the 18th.  And no thunder sounded, no lightning struck.  And that sucks.

Aika is my number 2 in all of H!P, so yeah, naturally, I'm really bummed.  But I'm less bummed about the fact that she's graduating as I am about the fact that she's going to be getting absolutely NOTHING to commemorate her graduation.  No PB (which a lot of Aika fans have been dying for since her first came out), no nothing save maybe a couple of photos taken at the last minute.  She will be completely overshadowed by Gaki, naturally.

I feel like Linlin and Junjun even got a better send off than this.  This is just awful.  They couldn't even give Aika an extra month so she could have her own graduation?  Yes, it would have been small, but at least she would have had something special.  

*sigh*  I really hope I'm wrong and they do throw something amazing together for her.  The 9th gen respects her very much, and I know especially Zukki will be very upset when she leaves.  I'm glad she got the chance to be such a great mentor to them.  She proved that would have been amazing leader material.

I hope they don't close her blog.  I enjoy reading hers and Kanana's blogs the most out of all the current members.  Come on, she's teaching me how to make awesome food!

I wish her the best in her recovery.  I know it must be awful to have to deal with a bone condition while being in a profession in which you have to move all the time.  I'm very sad to see her go, though.

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