Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kikka: Darling To Madonna PV!

The full PV to Kikkawa Yuu's 5th single, "Darling to Madonna," has been released!  I'm so excited to see Kikka releasing another single before the year ends.

I have always looked forward to her releases (even if Hapi Rape Me Sunflies was terribad), and I was really confused when she dropped off the face of the earth after the release of her AMAZING debut album in January.  Koko Kara Hajimarunda was a great single, yet it only reached #25 on the charts and sold about 4,000 copies.

What the hell happened to her momentum?  Much like Passpo, her promotion has taken a nosedive, and that is sad to me because for a while she was less of an idol and more of an honest to god singer. Her interactions with her fans were so much fun to watch, especially her morning exercises and her morning glories blog.  And then 2012 hit and everything just stopped.  The fuck?

I am so confused.  Kikka is an incredible talent and really refreshing in the sea of squeaky xxx48 solo idol acts out there.  She had a hell of a start to her career.  Why hasn't it continued?

I was not a part of the Hello! Project fandom when the 8th gen MM auditions happened, so I really don't give two figs about the Kikka vs. Aika thing.  They both fit well where they were.  I am a Kikka fan because of her raw vocal talent and spunky personality.  She deserves and needs fan support--there are a few more first press copies (with posters, guys, POSTERS!) available at CDJapan, so get them while they're there.

The PV is your average solo dance shot with colorful effects.  Nothing really spectacular.  However, "Darling to Madonna" is a great release of hers, ranking right after the amazing Konna Watashi de Yokattara in my book.  It has a great rock vibe to it, which fits Kikka very well.  Then again, Kikka can pull off any style she damn well pleases.  This is why I will be very sad if she completely peters out.

Check out the PV and song here:

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