Thursday, September 13, 2012

Morning Musume 11th gen finalists! UPDATE: Yup, got my wish!

(Bad photoshop is the highest form of love.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!)

So, well, this seems kind of pointless now, but I'm over the moon that my hula girl is a Musume now.  I do wish a couple more had made it, but this totally works.  AND SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I AM TOTALLY ALL WEEPY RIGHT NOW!!!!  *hearts*

It's about that time again, kiddos.  I've seriously never been this excited about an audition.  I have literally been refreshing my interwebs for hours (at work, no less) waiting for the footage.  It's truly sad.  But now that it's here, the nerdery is totes justified...right?

Our six finalists only get about 45 seconds of screen time, which isn't really enough yet for me personally to determine my picks for this audition beyond Sakura, who won my heart the second she showed up in the early stages of the S/mileage auditions last year.  But so far, I am very impressed with everyone in the finals this time around, and super stoked that my two favorite Eggs Kenshuusei made it in.

Hamamura Ayano, 12

It's like Yuukarin never left H!P, guys!  In all seriousness, though, Ayano has a very similar voice, smile and mannerisms to Maeda Yuuka.  And I'm totally digging it.  She's surprisingly polished and poised--based off looks alone, I would have expected her to have a more goofy personality like Nakanishi Kana or Sato Masaki, but sometimes I love it when I'm wrong!  I really like Ayano, and I can't wait to see more of her.


Yumeno appears to be a very earnest singer, which I'm excited about.  She is quite good at keeping to the same key in a cappella--a very good sign.  Looks-wise, she reminds me of a young Chinami/Kamei Eri mashup.  I get a good vibe from her, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her.

Ichioka Reina, 14 (HER TOO!)

Another lovely long-haired dancer! (*the much the jellies*) I like that even though she's a very good dancer, she doesn't have the same aloof vibe that Riho and Ayumi did.  It's fresh.  She also seems to have a very upbeat and hardworking attitude. I really want to hear her sing now.  I do have the same concerns about her weight as I did with Haruna, though.

Ono Haruka, 16

This Nice Girl Project Kenshuusei is very cute and stylish.  She actually kind of reminds me of Kasai Tomomi (WTF, right?).  From what I've heard of her so far, I like her voice and her Kikka-esque moves.  I can't really say much more than that, though.  NEED MOAR VIDEO!

Oda Ultimate Utahime of teh wrolds Sakura for President, 14 

I am amazed at how Sakura has grown since last year.  She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady, she's become a wonderfully confident speaker, and her voice is even better than it was last year.  This girl has the makings of an Aichan-quality voice, and, clearly, the discipline to make it all happen for herself.  This being her second time being an audition finalist, I have every expectation that her efforts will pay off.  But anything can happen...

I'ma come unhinged if she doesn't get in though, seriously.  I will be like rampagey Miyamoto Karin fans after a drunken naked night of drunken nakedness.  AND THEY WILL FEAR MY WRATH.

Makino Maria, 12 (AND YOU!  COME ON OVER!)

The stupid narrator talked so damn much I could barely hear her sing.  But Maria is damn cute.  I kinda wanna squish her, actually.  GAWW!  It took me a couple of times to hear it well, but Maria does do well at keeping on pitch.  I really want to see more of her though.  Not enough time.

So there you have em!  The GirlPop interview happens on Saturday, so be watching!  In the meantime, who do you like best?

And here are the clips of Sakura's "induction" into Morning Musume!!!

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