Friday, September 21, 2012

Tokyo Girls' Style unleashes another SweetS cover!

Today, Avex released a short PV for a new song from Tokyo Girls' Style--which happens to be none other than "LolitA Strawberry in summer" by SweetS!  this will most likely be a coupling track to their newest single, set to drop on 10/10.  I suspected that if the girls ever did another SweetS cover, it would be this one.  It is one of their more well-known songs, though, being SweetS' debut song, it wasn't one of their strongest.

Out of the two SweetS covers TGS has done so far, I have to say their "Love Like Candyfloss" cover was much stronger.  (I mean, that song is pretty much flawless/hard to mess up anyway, BUUUUUT...).  The sound of "Love like Candyfloss" fit more closely with the lyrics while not being a carbon copy of the original. It didn't please everyone, but that's going to happen with covers.

I'm going to avoid the "is it better than the original" schpiel and just say that it is different.  TGS is a very different group than SweetS.  While SweetS' music was much more dance beat driven, TGS' signature style is rock-infused pop.  I like the sound of it for the most part, but I have to say I do like the original better.

The PV is very cute and well done. GirlPOP's most recent issue featured a spread of the girls wearing the costumes their 3D avatars wore in the PV preview.  The cute plaid getups really fit with the song and how it was arranged for TGS. I always like to see girl groups being animated, and TGS animated PVs always turn out very well.  I'm not sure I'm all about the ab-flashing part of the choreography though.  Check it out!

And do see the original PV, please do!

If you want to learn more about the legendary girl group SweetS (which all self-respecting idol and Takimoto Miori fans should), the fansite SweetsDesu (formerly known as Mienai Tsubasa) is still up and running.  It doesn't update super-frequently, but anything Sweets related you could possibly ever want is here.

Question of the day: If TGS were to do another SweetS cover, which song would you like to see??

(I vote for "Sky" or "on the way ~Yakusoku no Basho e~")


(W)otutu said...

I would love LoveLove Raspberry juice to be covered, that was the song that made me fall in love with SweetS

Mara said...

Great choice! That was my first SweetS song too :P