Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Will you Wakuteka Take a Chance? Because I think you should.

(Chocolate Haruna really, really thinks you should, too.)

So, I was pretty stoked when the dance rehearsal video for Momusu's new single was released on Friday.  I am even more excited now that I've watched it about 5 billion times and tried to find something to nitpick over.

I totally can't.  I freaking LOVE this single.  The choreography is amazing, the electronic effects are amazing, and the line distribution is to die for, seriously.  Maachan and Ayumi are being more pushed, and Mizuki is finally out in front lines wise where she belongs.   I am always going to be one of those people who loves upbeat dancy songs with a touch of electronics and a heaping help of key changes, so I'm not even going to bother ranting on "OMG STFU ABOUT THE DAMN AUTOTUNING."  It's totally my thing.  I love the experimental new direction MM seems to be going with this song and songs like "What's Up."

This single gives everyone a chance to shine.  And actually, every single time I watched it, it wasn't Reina or Riho or Ayumi or even my love Chokubo who caught my eye the most--it was Zukki.  I really tried to watch everyone, but my eye was always drawn to her in the end.  The girl has gotten GOOD, guys.  Her dancing was top-notch, and I hope that sticking her in the front row gets her some fan attention.

(On a side note, I love you Haruna, but seriously, you looked like a robot.  A super cute robot.)

Now let's hope the PV won't be as sparkleseizureiffic as One Two Three.  Tables will flip, I swear to Jeebus.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the Zuk finally getting some up front time and pwning her arse off. XD LOVE the song too. If the pv is another sparkle-fest-of-doom can I flip tables with you? And break other stuff? At least we know the dance will be awesome. Loving this new choreographer. And yes people should calm down about the autotune.

NyNy said...

I feel like the song gives everyone an autotuned part but I don't think it's good enough but what can we expect?

I really like the song though but I just wish people wouldn't call it Kpop because of the autotune. Kpop didn't create it.