Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ieiri Leo's 1st live DVD!! + fly in the f*ing wine is now a CDJapan affiliate!

(Busy Leo is busy!!)

On March 27th, Ieiri Leo will be releasing her first live DVD/Blu-Ray!  WHEEEE OH MY GAWD *happy dance*

The 120-minute DVD will include footage from her perfomance at Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka, as well as tons of clips from her fantastic free lives around Japan this past year.  In addition to that, it will include lots of rehearsal footage, backstage footage, and a mini-documentary on the 1st one-man tour.  More details are sure to come soon.

I'm so excited for this release, you guys.  Leo is a stellar performer, and her earlier single-included DVDs are amazing.  This is definitely going to be on my must-snag-in-2013 list....

....aaaaand speaking of snagging stuff,  fly in the f*ing wine is now a CDJapan affiliate!  So, if you are thinking of that something that you just have to get, come give me a click on the sidebar and it will take you right to CDJapan!  Chiima of Okay! Musume time and Idolminded is also a CDJapan affiliate, so give us some clicks so we can bring more awesomeness to you!

I'm going to be putting up my first album review soon, and I plan on continuing if you guys like them!   So, in lieu of a donation link, just click the CDJapan links on the sidebar!  It's like a donation...without money!  Well, sort of   :-D

And now for a Leo collection mini-picspam!  *heart*

Lovely Leos!!

Me + my "Shine" T-shirt!!!

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