Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The wait is over! Ieiri Leo: Message

Since Ieiri Leo released her debut album back in October, I've been impatiently waiting for her to release another single.  I should have figured that it was going to be a while, what with her starting her tour and graduating from high school and all (with flying colors, I'm sure).  She's had a busy life recently.

Ieiri's new single is entitled "Message," and will be released on 5/22.  (STILL TOO LONG TO WAIT, DAMMIT!)  The 18-second preview was released a couple of weeks ago, but the full 1:30 preview was released about an hour ago.

So far, I am pleased as punch with how it sounds.  Ieiri is going into that sexy lower register near the beginning....OH GAWD HURRY UP AND RELEASE ALREADY JEEZ.  (so eloquent, yallz)  There are quite a few first presses left up for pre-order, all of which come with a clear file (and they are gorgeous.)

Check out the gorgeous PV preview below: it is looking like it will be her best one yet.  (I will embed the video as soon at the code works--it's giving me issues...)

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