Monday, May 6, 2013


It has been WAY TOO LONG since a TGS post happened here.

So, have you all seen "Unmei" yet?  Because seriously, you need to.  Like right now.  TGS has not disappointed me with any of their releases yet, but this just might be, at least to me, their strongest in terms of vocals.  It's not quite as catchy as "Limited Addiction" or "Bad Flower," but the girls' vocals blew me away.

Ayano in particular is just a standout.  She hits those low notes better than just about any other idol I've heard recently.  I was also quite impressed with Yuri.  Her voice has never really stood out to me, simply because it's not distinct, but she's got it down in this.

Mei got quite a bit of screen time, which I was very pleased with.  She's quite adept with her facial expressions, and anymore, I kind of see her as being the "vibes" of the group in general.

I have to admit, I was really surprised by the lack of Hitomi vocals.  She has been the most heavily featured vocalist for quite some time, so to see her as just the face of the group was odd.  I suppose her voice can't quite reach the notes that Ayano and Yuri were hitting, which makes sense.  To be fair, her lack of lines were very much made up for  by her dance solos.  I'd never noticed what a talented dancer she is until recently.

Our girls are growing up, y'all!  Though it still seems like yesterday that they were cutsey-ing it up with Kirari, I love their mature sound.



Krv said...

Me being me, I still dunno who most of them are, but visually it's certainly an appealing PV. Still not quite Bad Flower, song wise, but cool enough. I'm glad I've moderately got into them now.

Miyu is cute as anything though.

Mara Sobotka said...

It's still hard to believe Miyu is the oldest :-P