Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rocking the Seattle commute--J-MUSIC STYLE!

(Exhibit A: Commuting, you say?  LE BARF, I DON'T MORNING, PERISH THE FUCKING THOUGHT!!!)

HALLO every peoples!  So here I am, halfway through my first quarter here at the University of Washington, and holy crap, I have been nothing but busy AND SUCH. Slowly but surely (and in between unholy piles of theory and methodology homework), I'm catching up on all the news that is fit to print in the idol world--mostly thanks to the renewed awesomeness that is C-ute, waiting with bated breath for more Linda III Sei releases, and Kamonegikkusu.  Yes, yes all of that.


But between all that, I have actually had a bit of spare time on my the form of the dreaded commute.  Small townies like myself have all heard stories of the legendary monster known as the commute.  Oh yes...we hear tales of woe and strife...harrowing sagas of road rage and having to pee forever, of the looming threat of the great beastie swallowing you up in its massive jaws so that you may never see the light of day again (or at least the right exit).  We hear them, and we laugh our schadenfreude laughs until we just can't anymore.

But beyond occasional trips to Denver International Airport during rush hour, I have to admit, I didn't really GET it.  Until I got it.

The commute is an uffish, burbling, jabbering, wocking fiend, and I'm fresh out of vorpal swords.

So, if you can't slay it, you might as well live with it.  Normally, I take public transit to and from campus, which amounts to about an hour and 45 minutes worth of sitting on my educationed ass every day.  (To be fair, at least I'm not the poor sap in my program who has to commute from Tacoma every could always be worse.)

However, some days I have to stay on campus after it gets dark, and, well, I'm just a little paranoid about public transit after a certain hour.  Not in that I'm going to get mugged or something, but being the only one on a bus for around 9 stops one night kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.  So on those days, I hop in my trusty beast of an SUV (which is the only Wyoming plate for a lot-of-miles radius) and have to hope I don't get creamed while Frogger-ing my way across I-5 for 9-ish exits.

(Note to Seattle drivers: nah, you guys are actually pretty awesome.  Trust me, I know how to drive in Denver.  Now those guys are dicks.)

It's not always easy to stay upbeat about life while driving in a cloudy, traffic-y mess, but I've got a few recommends for you guys to kick off some new blogging from THE ME!

(Here's a Sayanee.  Always relevant.)

Top 5 commuting tunes for sanity and optimism

5. Gackt: "GHOST"

This song was used as the opening to the Japanese version of the Sarah Connor Chronicles (which was probably met with better reception over there, but I digress), and it is, in my opinion, one of Gackt's more infectious songs, partly thanks to the PV.  Seriously, if you can escape the pull of that smoldering, sexy cyborg stare, you're either dead or just plain sexier than Gackt.  And that's a damn tall order, kids.

This song has been one of my driving addictions since it came out.  There's a steely quality to it that I can just about guarantee will keep your eyes on the road and your head in the game.  That being said, if you catch yourself speeding while this song is on...well...just promise not to sue me.  You have been warned.

Other great recommends: "CLAYMORE," "Episode.0," "Mind Forest."

4. mouse on the keys "Completed nihilism" & "Spectres de mouse"

This one found its way to my collection thanks to the ever-brutal Henkka over at metal/instrumental paradise, Beat Laments the World.  These songs are placed right next to each other on this amazing ensemble's 2009 album, "An Anxious Object," but for some reason I just can't listen to them separately anymore.  They just...go together.

I love this song because of it's almost supernatural mind-clearing powers. I kid you not--whether or not you consider yourself a particularly musical person, it's hard not to listen to the amazing drummer and try not to count every beat.  And when you can focus on something so brilliantly simple and mathematical for a while, you may be surprised how it helps you to organize every other little thought in your head.  This song is like playing Go, except you're listening.

Other great recommend: "Saigo no Bansan"

3. moumoon: "moonlight"

This song has been a perennial favorite of mine since it came out.  This is my chill-out jam. "moonlight" is actually a bit off the beaten path for moumoon--it's not as overtly upbeat as a lot of the rest of their repertoire, but that's partly what drew me to it.  Long story short, this song is an instant road rage cure.

Other great recommends: "Tomodachi/Koibito," "We Go."

2. sakanaction "Bach no Senritsu o Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu."

There have been a couple of days since I've been here that I've driven to campus simply because I woke up on the gloomy, morose side of the bed.  Somehow, a good drive usually fixes that for me.  Then putting this song on fixes it even better.  (Screw grammar, I do what I want.)

This song was insanely popular when it came out, but don't let those naggy hipster feelers steer you away from it.  It's a great pick-me-up; especially when you can sing along to it.

Other great recommends: "Nantettatte Haru," "Sample."

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE "Cider (dancing ver.)"

If I were forced to live on a desert island for a year, and I could only bring one album with me to keep myself entertained, it would be LOVE LOVE LOVE's "KYOTOKYO" album.  And then I would probably listen to nothing but this song.  After that album came out in 2011 (the only album you can get this song on so far), it took me a good 2 years to hunt it down and make it mine.  Just for this song.

This is one of the only songs I've ever found in that I literally CANNOT be unhappy while I'm listening to it.  (Trust me, I've, um, tried.  You know how that is)  This re-write of one of their first singles is just a great listen, great to sing along to, and once you watch the PV and see the one guy just dancing around and grinning like a grand old fool, you won't be able to get it out of your head.

I promise you that.

Other great recommend: "Planetarium."

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