Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BiS' last hurrah...

(Pictured: the current incarnation of my abandonment issues)

For those of you who've been waiting to see resident paradigm-subverters BiS in bikinis on the beach making all cute-like, take a moment to appreciate "FiNAL DANCE," and revel in all its idoly glory.

Because it's our last chance :(

(And is Nozoshan not just the most adorable thing ever?! #biasfreeposting)

The video is a great way to look back at all the awesome PV moments BiS has had over the years, so you should watch it, if nothing else, for that.

I will admit, I have been so busy behind piles of grad school that I haven't had time to look into exactly why this wonderful group is leaving us forever crying into our oshi towels, but I've never been so sad to see a group go.  BiS has been one of my favorite idol groups for a long time, so I figure it's okay to make a tribute post without much research this time :P

BiS brought a gritty kind of weirdness to the idol scene, which along with their awesome metal-punkish sound was one of the things that drew me to them.  Their music is pretty fantastic, and not just by idol standards, and that kind of quality has proven itself to have staying power.  (Not to mention being a really refreshing pocket of fresh air in a market suffocated by the miasma of the 48s.)  BiS has also given us a wonderful soloist in the form of Terashima Yufu, who was my oshi until she graduated.  And y'all should check her first single out (released in February this year): she has a really gorgeous voice and an anime-ish sound which reminds me a little of another awesome band you guys should check out: fhana.

Avex has been very kind to us fans on this occasion, and made a pretty complete playlist of all BiS' singles, so if you have not yet gotten addicted to these girls, here's your chance to start!

Best of luck in your futures, ladies.  We will miss your awesome faces :P

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