Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year, happy exposition, and random idol hair question of the day!

If this bunch doesn't make you super happy and hopeful for the future of H!P post-Sayu, THEN I DUNNO GUYS.
Hi everyone!

The new year is getting off to an amazing start in the idol world, and even though I'm busy as heck, I once again have the emotional energy to focus on all these new groups coming out and get informed again. I probably don't even need to explain much about how the last year and a half has been intensely challenging for me as an idol blogger and as a person: I'm sure my absence has spoken volumes to that. But reading everyone else's posts (including at least one fresh and awesome new blogger from the Facebook H!P community!!!) and seeing how excited you guys all are about it has helped me find my footing all over again :)  I'm not one of those people who is very vocal in online forums that aren't almost COMPLETELY controlled by yours truly anymore, but since this place is, I can wax personal all I want and not start getting chest pains. :D

So, in my last "flamethrower" (as Ray of Idolminded SO TOTALLY ACCURATELY :D put it :P ) post, I was both heckadoodle godbloody annoyed by the scarier aspects of the oshi culture and coming off the vicarious high of the NYC Musume performance. After I put this post out, I began noticing interesting talk in the blogosphere about the place idols have in people's lives. I also had a couple of great responses to what I wrote which helped me think even more critically about it, and my perspective expanded a bit (and arguably became a bit more merciful :P ).

I'm going to bounce off that theme as we enter a new year of idoly goodness and revisit that discussion. You guys made some great points, and even though I still hold to some of the things I put out there before, I would like to revisit this discussion. I see blogging about these ideas as a medium for growth and seeing how I as an idol fan and a writer have evolved. Honestly, I think this is part of the beauty of the digital age we live in now, but that's a WHOLE NOTHER can of worms :D

So thank you guys both for seeing my point and for disagreeing with me...and also for being great at having a good discussion about it. Y'all rock my world :P (And yes, I have since given into temptation and played the new H!P ranker...though I did have a million ties. SOTHAR)

Anyway, back to THE THING... 


SO: I was watching the footage of The Artist Formerly Known As S/mileage (old joke is old) do their MV-making thing the other day. Then, disaster struck:

For about fifteen seconds, I could swear to jeebus that Rikako had gotten a half-shave. And I was all like DUDE.

But no, it was just how her hair sits. All was well! I was relieved!

But...then I thought "actually she might be able to pull that off." This turned into "naw Rikako would...actually look pretty awesome with a half-shave."

And that became "GO SHAVE HALF YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW, GOLL." So here's my question for you:

what kind of funky, off-the-wall, or "alternative" hairstyles do you think the girls could pull off? (I'm mostly thinking of H!P here, but feel free to think outside that box)

Personally, I still stand by the Rikako + half-shave = sweet combination hypothesis, but also: Risako looked amazeballs with crazy hair colors, Eripon would look sweet with a medium-length pixie and some blue highlights, I'd love to see Honey get a platinum blonde blunt bob, Meimi could do LITERALLY WHATEVER and I wouldn't say boo, and, come on, I can't be the only one who thinks Airi would look incredible with cornrows.

AAAAAAND REMEMBER: just because a look isn't what your culture considers "normal," "acceptable," "pretty" (blech) or "feminine" doesn't mean it's not awesome. So keep an open and civil mind--the possibilities are endless! Happy styling!

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clocutron said...

I'm still upset that they cut Rikako's hair so short but I figure a half-shave could make it work. Then I realized just how bad they all look in that picture you posted. Especially Wada who is either asleep or, given the facial expressions of the girls in the back row, just passed something really nasty smelling.

Airi is still my favorite in H!P and I agree that cornrows would look fantastic on her. I'd also like to see Momochi ditch the cutesie pigtails for something really punk like Sid Vicious.